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Benefits Of Marijuana Roots and Healthy Recipes

cannabis leaves

For those who are not too familiar with their use, it may come as a surprise that cannabis roots are very commonly used for their medicinal properties. You may have heard about the benefits of different parts of the cannabis plant, but it is very rare to use cannabis roots. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of marijuana roots and all the details you must know.


Using marijuana roots is not a recent concept, but evidence of its use can be found in Chinese herbal publications dated 2700 BC. In those times, the roots were dried first and then grounded into a paste. This paste was used for multiple purposes, such as analgesic creams. Moreover, the roots were also juiced, and the juice was used for other medicinal uses.

Other than in China, Marijuana roots were also used in other countries. For instance, Indonesia used it as a treatment for gonorrhea in 1600. They also used it to treat sick sheep by mixing it with other components.

Then you can also find evidence of Dioscorides using boiled marijuana roots to treat inflammation. He was a Roman physician. Later in 1960, Argentina used Cannabis roots for different ailments such as dysentery and fever and to improve patients’ general well-being.


There are lots of components found in Marijuana roots that help contribute to its medicinal uses:

Amide Molecules

You can find the Amide Molecule in different drugs, such as paracetamol and LSD. This compound has been found to have analgesic properties.


This compound can be found in other things, such as spearmint, and adds a minty aroma to the root.


There are multiple purposes of Epifriedelanol, such as being used as an antioxidant. It is also said to have anti-cancer properties exclusively for the cervical cells. It also has cosmetic purposes where you can use it for the anti-aging of tissues.


Friedelin has the most medicinal properties and is used for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Some experts also use it to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, liver health, and even cancer.


This compound helps numb pain and can be used as a natural painkiller.

Pentacyclic Triterpene Ketones

There are multiple triterpene-based compounds in the marijuana root, and these compounds collectively have medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and even antimicrobial.


This component helps with the repairing and management of cell membrane health. The choline present in this compound is crucial for the health of your liver and nerves.               


You can find the Terpene compound from multiple sources, but the terpenes found in cannabis roots differ from those found elsewhere. They are responsible for protecting the plant from predators, and this happens because it is bitter.


Triterpene is a hydrocarbon compound and comprises three terpenes.

How To Use Marijuana Roots

There are many ways you can use marijuana roots. Here is a guide to help you first harvest the roots, clean them thoroughly and store them.

It is important to ensure that the soil is moist enough for you to harvest your roots easily. If the soil is very packed and dry, then separating it can be difficult, and you may damage the roots. To harvest it properly, you need to dig under the root ball carefully, so you do not chop through the roots with your shovel.

When you have finally harvested your roots, you need to separate them. When separating from the main stem, you can use a sharp knife or scissors to do it properly. Getting rid of all the dirt is important; you can do this by rinsing the roots thoroughly. Dry your roots in a dark and dry place for over two years. If you want to use the roots later, you can keep them in an air-tight jar. But many people prefer to make a paste and then store them so it last longer.

Modern Use Of Marijuana Roots

There are multiple ways to use marijuana roots. In the modern day, cannabis roots are used for multiple ailments. For instance, you can use it to make tea.

Cannabis root tea is very common and is made using a dried root powder. The powder can be soaked for several hours before straining and drinking. For added flavor and benefits, you can also add other ingredients, such as star anise and more.

Other than that, some people use the powder to make dry poultices. This is most commonly used to treat and heal burns. If you want products made of cannabis roots, then you can find things such as massage oils, lip products, and even body lotions.

Benefits of Marijuana Roots

If you are concerned about all the benefits you may get from marijuana roots, then here are the benefits you can expect:

Protects Liver

The friedelin compound in cannabis roots is very effective in protecting the liver. It is an antioxidant and contains hepaprotective elements.

It can Be Applied Topically.

You are not required to take cannabis roots as a form of tea or anything to put inside your body, but you can also use it as a topical ointment. It can be made into a balm or essential oil for healing.

Reduces Inflammation

Cannabis roots have pentacyclic triterpene ketones. This compound helps reduce inflammation. Moreover, this compound also has antimicrobial components, which improve the effects of cannabis roots.

Destroys Cancer Cells

Marijuana roots are used to destroy cancer cells in a process called apoptosis. You can use these roots to treat cancer.

Effective For Skin Treatment  

If you have any skin conditions, then you can use marijuana roots as they help with different skin eruptions. These can be used for a large variety of skin treatments, such as inflamed skin and burns.

Tips To Grow Marijuana Roots

If you want to grow the roots to reap medicinal benefits, you must consider using techniques such as hydroponic and aeroponic. These techniques will allow the roots to grow quicker and absorb all the necessary nutrients.

Moreover, these techniques will also be helpful when you harvest these roots. You will not have to clean the roots or dust the soil off, as they will already be clean. This way, you will know how deep cannabis roots grow, and tracking the progress of the root growth will also be easier.

Recipes To Try For Marijuana Roots

Here are some recipes you can try if you want to use cannabis roots.

Cannabis Root Balm

To make the cannabis root balm, you need first to clean your roots thoroughly, and once they are completely dry, you can grind them into a powder. Mix the powder and the balm together. Then to make the powder into a balm-like consistency, you need to use a type of fat. For instance, you can use coconut oil or any other fat as a base.

Simmer the concoction over low heat for 12 hours and add water. Once the mixture has been reduced, take the cream and use it as a balm.

Cannabis Root Tea

Cannabis root tea is a very easy recipe; you can easily consume marijuana roots. All you need to do is grind the roots first and then add water. You can also include other ingredients like cinnamon and anise to make the tea stronger. Then it would be best if you let the tea simmer down for 12 hours and so. Before drinking the tea, you need to strain it properly so you can get all the roots out.

Bottom Line

Marijuana roots are very beneficial when considering the medicinal impacts. There are several benefits, such as reduction of inflammation, strengthening of cell membranes, and more. To experience these benefits, you need to ensure that you use the marijuana roots in the right way. This will help you get the maximum benefits.

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