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Beautiful autoflowering cannabis bud

Is Pruning Autoflowers A Good Idea?

Pruning photoperiod cannabis is an excellent technique to get more yields, but what about pruning autoflowers? That’s a question many growers ask. In general, for mid-experienced growers, pruning autoflowers can be a terrific way to boost the yields, but for others, especially new growers, it may not be the best choice.  Is it right for […]

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cannabis vegetative stage

Cannabis Vegetative Stage: All You Should Know

When we say the vegetative stage of cannabis, we mean that this is the phase where the plant starts growing and gradually prepares for the flowering process. Just like every other plant, cannabis goes through several critical developmental stages. The vegetative stage is where leaf growth happens. This also is when we see an increase […]

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Strong cannabis roots

9 Tips to Maintain Healthy Cannabis Roots

One of the essential parts of growing cannabis is to take care of its roots. Healthy cannabis roots equate to a robust plant. A cannabis plant is like a complex set of gears — several gears must work together to ensure the plant grows and thrives well. One of the most vital gears is the […]

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cannabis leaf

Lollipopping: Making Your Buds Better

In this article, we will be talking about what exactly lollipopping is, of course, everything necessary about this exciting technique. If you want to avoid less potent and underdeveloped buds anywhere in your harvest, then lollipopping is something you would like to incorporate into your cannabis growing. The lollipopping method describes removing buds and leaves […]

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cannabis leaf with humidity drops

Autoflower Temperature and Humidity Chart: All You Should Know

No matter what type of cannabis you are growing (photoperiod or autoflower), temperature and humidity are among the top factors for a successful grow operation. Besides them, there are also light and CO2 levels. The temperature and humidity needs of autoflower plants are similar to the photoperiod types of cannabis, as auflowers do great in […]

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Mycorrhizae For Cannabis

All garden lovers look for some organic solutions to make the soil fertile and resolve its problems. There is no better organic inoculant than Mycorrhizal. It will help to resolve pests and other soil diseases and grow the cannabis in great numbers. Keep reading this article to know more details about Mycorrhizae for Cannabis growth. […]

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watering autoflowers

Autoflower Watering Schedule: How It’s Properly Done

The autoflowering subspecies of cannabis are best known for their rapid growth and development, and because of this these varieties definitely require large quantities of water. Although autoflowers enjoy frequent watering, giving them too much water is undeniably detrimental and can result in negative consequences such as fungal infection and stunted growth. Water is absolutely […]

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weed leaves after defoliation

When to Defoliate Weed: A Complete Guide

In this article we will be talking about cannabis defoliation, which is generally considered as a high stress training technique. If not executed properly, defoliation can cause significant stress to your plant, and because of that it’s typically advised that this method should be attempted only by growers who already have some experience with cannabis […]

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Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

When Does Cannabis Vegetative Stage Start?

So, you have the best cannabis seeds and have managed to develop them into healthy seedlings, but just the beginning. The cannabis plant has to go through multiple other stages before you can obtain the fruits you need. And the most important stage of these is the growing stage, otherwise called the Cannabis vegetative stage. […]

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how to top cannabis

Cannabis Plant Training: A Beginners Guide

In this guide we will be talking about various types of cannabis plant training, and how these techniques help you to maximize your yields. Since cannabis comes in a wide variety of differing plants, we will also discuss what training techniques are better suited for various types of cannabis. To start, let’s say a few […]

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