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auto flower

What are Autos: Advantages of Autoflower Strains?

You’ve probably already heard something about autos or the autoflowering cannabis strains, but you’re still uncertain what precisely these strains are.  Since their conception in the 1990s, autoflower strains (sometimes abbreviated as simply autos) have come a long way in their development and are nowadays better than ever before.  Modern autoflower strains can be high […]

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cannabis plants in a grow room

How many Autoflowers Per Tent Should I grow?

Autoflowers sure are an excellent option for cannabis growers looking for faster harvests. The plants are capable of producing healthy crops within two-three months. And better, they don’t need to depend on light cycles for it. After a certain interval, the plants are modified to flower, offering them leverage over the photoperiod cannabis plants. They […]

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cannabis grow room with LED lights

Cannabis Light Schedule: All You Need to Know

Whether you’re planning to grow cannabis for recreational or medicinal reasons, the end goal is always the same, getting as much bud from your plants as possible. One of the best ways to maximize your yields is by paying close attention to Cannabis light schedules, as it’s one of the most important aspects of weed […]

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cannabis plants in vegetative stage

How Many Autoflowers Can Fit in a 4*4 tent

Cannabis tents are one of those things that have risen from a good-to-have accessory to a must-have accessory for cannabis growers in recent years. They provide you with a contained environment offering you better control of the growing conditions. Besides, these tents have reflective layers, ensuring maximum light for the plants. Not to mention, they […]

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a green house with cannabis plants

How Many Autoflowers Fit Per Square Foot?

The size of the roots growing underneath the ground will reflect upon the size of the cannabis plant growing above the ground. The root size will have a major effect on nutrient and water intake, which are directly related to photosynthesis, thus, to the plant’s quality and growth. And that makes knowing how many autoflowers […]

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topping cannabis plant

Topped Plants vs. Non-Topped Cannabis Plants

Topping your plants can drastically improve the overall yield of your cannabis plants, and is, therefore, a very important cultivation technique. Topping generally refers to the process of cutting the central stalk (and any subsequent stalk cutting), which results in a wider and bushier growth of your weed plant. A wider cannabis plant allows the […]

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cannabis vegetative stage

When Does The Vegetative Stage Start?

The life of any cannabis plant, despite its type and strain, is divided into several different stages. Most farmers say that the plant undergoes five stages, starting from the seedling phase, moving to the vegetative stage, and ending with the flowering stage. Each Of these stages decides the yield, quality, and chemical composition of the […]

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cannabis plant under LED lights

Best Light Cycle for Flowering Stage

Balancing the light cycle for the flowering stage in indoor plants is a complex yet essential process. Both the quality and the chemical composition of your plants get affected by the light you provide them.  Now, the light you need to provide for the plant will depend on its type. The photoperiod plants will need […]

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cannabis plant 5 leaves and 7 leaves

Photoperiod Vs. Autoflower Cannabis Plants

The introduction of genetically altered Autoflower cannabis plants has revolutionized cannabis farming. It has provided the growers with more options and slightly more convenience than the traditional Photoperiod. But that doesn’t make the modern Autoflower cannabis plant type better than traditional or vice versa. In fact, there’s no right or wrong in this case. It […]

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Organic Cannabis Nutrients: What Do Your Plants Require?

If you’re looking to grow chemical and pesticide-free cannabis, keeping your soil rich in Organic Cannabis nutrients is crucial. They are essential for the proper growth and thriving of your plants. Fertile soil is generally composed of a wide variety of matter, which includes micro and macronutrients, various fungi, and microbes. It can also include […]

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