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Cannabis Seeds Grow Guide For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces – Part 1

person growing cannabis

Hey guys, what’s up, and welcome back to another one of “Dr. Hypno’s Seed to Weed” blogs. I’m Dr. Hypno and this is me speaking to you the people, divulging my tips, tricks, and insider knowledge on how to get the very best harvest you possibly can out of your beautiful cannabis seeds. So let’s get into it, here we go!

This week, we’re “shooting the sh!t”, hashing it out, in order to figure out what, when and where is the best space to grow for you and your fiery (soon to be grown) cannabis seeds.

Where Should I Grow my Cannabis?

Outdoor Cannabis

Growing indoor or outdoor depends on you, your surroundings, local laws, your personal budget and if your Mother’s basement has too much damp down there … eww trust me, bro, it does! ;-P

If you’re still not sure, let’s cover both indoor and outdoor spaces. In this article, we have a two-part special so let’s see what suits you best shall we.

Let’s start with indoor growing as this is the most common (from my experience) only due to my location being within the colder region of Europe. If you’re lucky to live where the climate is much warmer you may want to choose an outdoor space. Don’t worry Dr. Greenthumb, Dr. Hypno’s got you coved for outdoor climates in the second half of this article.

So you have your indoor space, whether it be a small little Harry Potter space under the stairs or maybe you have a nice spare room or shed you’ve been waiting to use up. Now you’ve got a bit of extra cash, some cannabis seeds, and some time on your hands, let go through the basics.

What Grow Lights Should I Use?

LED Grow Lights

There are three main Indoor grow lights are as follows:

  • HPS Lights aka High-Pressure Sodium
  • Metal halide
  • LED

High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb gives off a bright white color which is great for all-around growing.
The second kind of light bulb used for indoor growing is usually a Metal halide bulb. This light gives off more of an orange glow and basically mimics the natural sunlight towards the end of the summer period, just as we head into the Fall season.

Either one will give you enough light to grow nice weed from your cannabis seeds. If you have access to both, it’s better to use the HPS lights at the start of the grow cycle. Then, towards the end of the vegging period, switch out the HPS for the Metal halide lights, this is the perfect light spectrum for your beautiful plants to flower and we all that flower equals buds!

All this being said, HPS and Metal halide lights or bulbs tend to use up a lot of power. Your electricity bill will feel the hot wrath of those hard-working lights burning into your monthly outgoings and overall costing you more money on your bottom line! Most of the bulbs, you can buy out there average at 1000w to 5000w each. Running these lights in your home will overall be too much and may even trip out your electrical circuit breakers. This amount of watts is more for bigger grow operations or even commercial growers.

For the humble grower

For the humble grower (1-6 plants for personal use only) 300w – 500w LED lights will suffice. This is more than enough for your small grow space. If you have a little bit more to spend in your budget then I may suggest you folk out for a 1000w LED lightbox. This light will surely be an investment and will serve you well for many grow cycles.

LED lights have really taken the growing capabilities for the humble home grower way further than we ever thought possible. These lights have the perfect amount of white light, while also balancing it out with the other colors within the light spectrum. The order of colors is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This is perfect for the cannabis plant and it’s also better on the overall power usage.

The only downside to using LED lights is they don’t give off as much heat. If your temperature goes down dramatically, then you may need to invest in a heat mat and place it under your pots so the roots don’t get cold during the night.

How to Water Cannabis Plants?

Watering Cannabis Plants

Now we all know that almost every seed and every plant on the planet needs water at some point, some vastly more than others. Take the cactus, for example, this plant needs water every 2 weeks or even every few months for some varieties. However, the humble cannabis plants need water at least once a day (maybe more). Unlike the common cactus, our little cannabis babies are slightly more temperamental. Most cannabis plants tend to thrive when the pH levels are between the 6.0 and 7.0 range. Basically, it’s slightly acidic to a neutral score.

You will find that tap water in most cities’ main pipes is very harsh. As you venture out into the suburbs or rural areas, the water has been treated less and is of better quality. More importantly, the water will have fewer impurities in it as the water will have come from a natural lake or reservoir.
Regardless if you’re in the city or you’re in the mountains you will need a pH test kit or pH digital pen test.

pH Scale

The test kits are super cheap and can be found easily on online shopping sites. The pH digital pen test can also be found easily online. This is a much accurate way of finding the exact pH test score of the water where you are. If you find that the water in your local area is way out of the 6.0 – 7.0 mark then you may need to add some ‘pH Up’ or ‘pH Down’.

Important note: The pH balance of your water and soil must be on-point every day! It’s vital for plants’ survival. Just a couple of points off for one or two days and your plants will change rapidly. Your beautiful lush green canopy flips into spotty moody teenagers looking for their next argument!

Watch for the leaves to see if they start turning lighter shades of green or they develop red/orange-like spots. Ninety percent of the time in the early stages it’s purely down to the pH levels being off in either the soil or water. This can be corrected straight away if you notice any discoloration in the leaves with “PH Up” and “PH Down”. Both of these can be found in gardening supply stores. You can also find lots of brands online that cater exactly to cannabis growers to introduce this into their grow programs on a regular basis. This is known as a vital step in most growers’ setups.

Cannabis Plant Canopy

Its all about the pH, son! Check this every day and more importantly check your water supply before watering. This can save you lots of time and headaches if you get it right at the beginning.

And thats all folks, this is Dr Hypno singing off.

Thank you for reading this week’s upload of “Dr. Hypno’s Seed to Weed”. Remember, this article is a two-part blog entry due to the amount of information needed for indoor/outdoor grows.
Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Instagram page! And please drop us an email if you want to know anything Weed Or Seed related, thanks again homies, and until the next one…

Peace and Love,
Dr. Hypno – Out!

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Cannabis Seeds Grow Guide For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces – Part 1

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