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Cannabis Seeds Grow Guide For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces – Part 2: Outdoors

man holding outdoor cannabis leaf

Hey guys! How are you doing? Have you started growing your seeds yet? Whether you’ve started or not, you must have a look at this cannabis seeds grow guide if you want to become a successful grower. As promised, today we bring you the second part of Dr. Hypno’s growing guide for cannabis seeds. In this case, we’ll see how to grow cannabis outdoors for those lucky ones who live in warm areas.

When should I start growing my outdoor Hypno seeds?

Germinating your seeds at the right moment is as important as watering your plants. Otherwise, you will waste your time growing plants that won’t even produce enough weed for a week.

This is how it works in nature: most of the seeds germinate during spring because they perceive the increase of temperature and they can find enough water on the ground. So, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe, the best months to start germinating your seeds will be from March to May (or even in June), when the temperature begins to rise and the daylight hours increase.

cannabis seedling germinating
cannabis seedling growing outdoors

However, during the first months, the temperature at night can be too low for our baby plants and they could die from freezing. That’s why I highly recommend having your plants in small pots first and then, when the temperature is warmer, transplant them into a larger pot or into the ground.

IMPORTANT: Try not to transplant your plants more than once because they will suffer stress and that will slow down their growth and reduce their production.

Preparing everything to leave your babies outdoors

Either you have a small terrace, a garden, or a big field, there are three key elements that you must need when it comes to growing outdoors:

  1. Light
  2. Water
  3. Good organic soil

The more daylight your plants get, the more they grow. Therefore, you must grow them in a place where they get the maximum hours of light. If you are growing your plants in a large pot, you can also move them around your terrace to get more light in the afternoon.

Planting in the ground or in the pots?

Either you pretend to grow your plants in large pots or in the ground, you need to get good organic soil, which is rich in humus and will provide essential nutrients and minerals to your plants. This garden soil can be mixed with regular field soil in order to get a loose and fluffy mix. This will oxygenate the ground, allowing the roots to grow easier and avoiding rotting.

You also have to keep in mind that plants that are growing in the ground will be much bigger than those growing on pots. This is due to the space that the roots have: the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant.

planting cannabis in soil
planting cannabis in ground

Be careful not to overwater your plants, especially when they are growing in pots. Pots maintain quite good humidity so you can try watering your plants every other day. Regarding plants growing in the ground, if you are going to be out for three or four days, you can generously water your plants and then leave them with very little risk for them to get dry or rotten.

IMPORTANT: The soil must be wet but never waterlogged.

Main risks when growing outdoors and how to avoid them


Especially in warm areas, your plants can suffer from several plagues, and, trust me, you don’t want to see your beautiful buds half-eaten by goddamn insects. But don’t panic, nowadays many organic products in the market will repel any kind of insect you can imagine.

cannabis and bugs

Moreover, we can find another good solution in some other plants. These are some of the most effective natural insect repellents: citronella, basil, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, and mint.


In some areas, wind can also be a terrible problem. Strong winds can break your plants and ruin everything. In this case, you can tie your plant to a main central stick and its branches can lean on a circular rope surrounding the plant. You can also try to place some protecting panels around your plants.

IMPORTANT: Do not tie too hard the stem to the stick. Make sure it is a bit lose (about ½ inch). Otherwise, you will choke your plant and it will eventually die.

Police and thieves

Sometimes, predators can be closer than you expect. Not only professional thieves but also curious neighbors can make your plants disappear. And what’s worst, at a point when they’re ready to be harvested. Depending on your local laws, you can have terrible problems if you get caught by the police. Even though you are growing just a couple of plants. So, remember: inform yourself about the risks before starting.

police arrest weed grower
police arrest weed grower

To avoid bad surprises, you can grow auto-flowering seeds that are used to be shorter in height than photoperiod ones and will give you their flowers in no more than 2 months. Some growers also go for guiding their plants, topping or pruning them. It doesn’t only change their direction, shape, and height, but also increases productivity. Do not try this if you are a beginner; we will see how to properly do this in a future episode of Dr. Hypno’s blog.

Finally, you can also hide your plants by many methods like using green fencing meshes, which are very common in any garden, or branch-bending camouflage combined with fabric flowerpots, which will reduce your plant size by 50 cm.

What seeds should I buy for outdoor growing?

At this point, I guess that you will be anxious to start growing, so we’ve prepared for you a small list of Dr. Hypno’s seeds that will turn your experience into a big success:

Cali Deli: This genetics is perfect for not-so-warm or sunny areas, such as Central Europe or Northern Spain. It is also super resistant to mold and plagues. Perfect for wet areas.

Red Chile Truffles: This one is for people who want to delight in the most intense and sweet flavors of this sacred plant.

Cream Brulee Auto: If you can’t wait too long to taste your buds, try Crean Brulee Auto. This world star is based on a crossing of Cream Brulee and ruderalis genetics, assuring high-quality buds and big production in just 8 weeks.


Growing outdoors is as “easy” as growing indoors, but it is the best option if you have a small piece of land or a nice terrace with enough daylight hours. Moreover, you will spend very little money because you won’t have to pay for lights, electric power, ventilation or a grow tent. However, you can’t have so much control over your plants’ growth, nourishment, or health as in an indoor, and you will always depend on the climate and the season of the year.

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Cannabis Seeds Grow Guide For Indoor & Outdoor Spaces – Part 2: Outdoors

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