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Are Fake Weed Nugs Good for Health?

fake weed nugs

Wondering what fake weed nugs are? And whether they are good for your health? Here we have discussed its effects to help you understand whether you should use it or not.

What is Synthetic Marijuana or Fake Weed Nugs?

Before we discuss fake weed, let’s first talk about how marijuana works. Naturally occurring weed is harvested from the Cannabis Sativa, a type of plant. There are hundreds of cannabinoids or chemicals in the plant. But CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are more commonly discussed, experimented with, and used. This is because of their unique effects on the body.

THC makes you high after using weed, but CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects. Both of these compounds bind to cannabinoid receptors, which are present throughout the body, including the brain. The primary difference between CBD and THC is due to having different ways they bind with the receptors.

On the other hand, fake weed is a group of artificial substances designed to interact and bind with the same receptors as the natural CBD and THC. The term “fake” or “synthetic” refers to the fact that they are designed and produced in laboratories rather than extracted from an actual living plant.

Since the compounds that mimic CBD and THC are present in groups, they tend to bind more tightly with these receptors. This causes a more intense and severe effect but can lead to severe side effects.

Is Synthetic Marijuana Good for Health?

Fake weeds are not good for health. Synthetic cannabinoids are harmful and can result in serious health issues and even death. Clinical features of fake weed poisoning vary based on your chosen marijuana and can include:

  •  Psychiatric symptoms and signs, including delusions, hallucinations, violent behavior, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts.
  •  Neurological symptoms and signs are sleepiness, agitation, confusion, incoordination, irritability, stroke, dizziness, seizures, and inability to concentrate.
  • Other physical symptoms and signs include tachycardia, heart attack and chest pain, severe vomiting and nausea, tachypnea, kidney failure, rhabdomyolysis, and death.

The symptoms of fake weed bud use and their recovery time depend on various factors, such as the route of exposure such as ingestion and inhalation,  specific synthetic cannabinoids, the amount consumed, and the frequency of consuming the cannabinoid. 

Note that the long-term effects of synthetic marijuana are still unknown. Using man-made drugs can lead to psychological and physical dependence on them. People who use synthetic cannabinoids for a long time and suddenly stop consuming them have shown withdrawal symptoms like being unable to sleep or sleep all the time. This shows that human-made cannabinoids are addictive and eventually make people entirely dependent on them.

Here are a few things that you need to know.

  • Experts report symptoms in heavy users of fake weeds can include severe anxiety, sweating, nausea, trouble sleeping, vomiting, and headache.
  • Some patients who abruptly stop taking fake weed buds after regular use experience dangerous symptoms like rapid heart rate, palpitations, difficulty breathing, seizures, and chest pain.
  •  The severity of these symptoms greatly depends on how long and how much someone has used marijuana.

Diagnose Synthetic Weed Related Issues

When you notice any changes in your physical, behavioral, and mental health after consuming synthetic marijuana, it’s essential to consult an expert. They use different procedures to learn the root cause of your problem and determine whether the health issue is related to weed usage.

Here are a few essential things you need to learn about the diagnosis of weed usage and associated health problems.

  • Exposure to synthetic weed does not necessarily mean that you have developed a condition due to the exposure. Therefore, experts try to investigate and find the root cause of health issues to determine the reason. Also, doctors use alternative medical diagnoses to find out if there are any other causes.
  • Diagnosis of fake weed–related health issues without a history of weed use is tricky. In this case, it might take days to understand that a patient is experiencing an issue due to marijuana exposure.
  • Since fake marijuana can alter your mental health, it’s easy to identify marijuana exposure in the patient when there is no other obvious explanation. This makes the diagnosis easy and helps to give instant treatment to patients.
  • Diagnosing man-made marijuana-related health problems through laboratory might be a bit challenging for a variety of reasons:
  • Fake marijuana is not detectable with the standard in-house hospital drug screening methods.
  • While several laboratories claim to test the fake compounds mimicking THC and CBD,   the panels are mostly limited and might not identify every type of fake weed.
  • Patients with a history of severe psychological issues or drug abuse have more risk of developing health conditions by regularly consuming synthetic marijuana.

How to Avoid Fake Marijuana Nugs?

The simplest and easiest way to avoid marijuana is to consult an expert to discuss the health issues that might be compelling you to take the fake weed nugs. Your expert can give you an alternative that is not harmful yet solves your problem.

Another thing you can do is to contact reliable and credible marijuana sellers in the market, like Hypno Seeds. Well-known companies have a reputation in the market. Therefore, there is no way that they will sell fake marijuana in the name of a natural product.

Lastly, look for smell and appearance. Natural weeds come in whole buds with no other plant in them. But weeds come in small packets and usually don’t come in the bud. Also, cannabis has a distinctive and unique smell like fruity, woody, piney, or citrusy. When it comes to their fake counterparts, they have weird odors. You can smell the mixture of chemicals and plants. Most synthetic weeds are flavored, so you probably smell a strange flavor-like odor.


While the use of marijuana is becoming common, many companies are selling fake products to less aware people. Therefore, learning about weeds is vital before entering the market. 

If you are looking for experienced and reputable marijuana distributors to avoid fake weed nugs, you can contact Hypno Seeds. We are the leading experts in the industry who offer high-quality and 100% natural marijuana to ensure you gain benefits without impacting your health. So, don’t wait and contact us today for authentic products!

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