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Beautiful autoflowering cannabis bud

Is Pruning Autoflowers A Good Idea?

Pruning photoperiod cannabis is an excellent technique to get more yields, but what about pruning autoflowers? That’s a question many growers ask. In general, for mid-experienced growers, pruning autoflowers can be a terrific way to boost the yields, but for others, especially new growers, it may not be the best choice.  Is it right for […]

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cannabis vegetative stage

Cannabis Vegetative Stage: All You Should Know

The cannabis vegetative stage is a crucial part of the plant’s life cycle. It’s the time when the plant is growing and developing its leaves, stems, and roots. During this stage, the plant needs a specific set of conditions in order to thrive. Entering the Vegetative Stage There are several signs that will indicate that […]

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cannabis leaf

Lollipopping: Making Your Buds Better

Lollipopping is a cannabis growing technique that involves removing lower buds and leaves on the plant. These buds receive less light and tend to be underdeveloped compared to upper buds. By redirecting the plant’s energy solely to the top buds, lollipopping makes them more potent and prominent. Benefits The main benefit of lollipopping is that […]

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Mycorrhizae: Powerful Inoculants for Cannabis Plants

Mycorrhizae, also known as “fungus root”, is a valuable addition to any organic cannabis garden. This symbiotic relationship between the fungi and plant roots improves growth, tolerance against stress and disease, and the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and water. Mycorrhizae can be found in various soil types and are available in two main forms: […]

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weed leaves after defoliation

When to Defoliate Weed: A Complete Guide

Are you looking to increase your cannabis yield and improve the quality of your buds? Have you considered the technique of defoliation but aren’t sure when and how to defoliate weed properly? In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of defoliation, including when to defoliate weed (for both autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis […]

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