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fake weed nugs

Are Fake Weed Nugs Good for Health?

Wondering what fake weed nugs are? And whether they are good for your health? Here we have discussed its effects to help you understand whether you should use it or not. What is Synthetic Marijuana or Fake Weed Nugs? Before we discuss fake weed, let’s first talk about how marijuana works. Naturally occurring weed is […]

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a man smoking synthetic weed

Fake Weed Buds: All You Need to Know

Fake weed buds, also known as synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic marijuana, have been commonly used as an alternative to marijuana. Originally, these laboratory-made weeds were created to help experts study cannabinoid systems in human brains. However, manufacturers claim them as natural materials extracted from different plants. Like any other synthetic product, fake weed buds also […]

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