Amerikan Pie


A potent mix of legendary American favorites: Everyone will want a slice!



An incredible mix of American legendary classics like Do-Si-Dos, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cream Brulee, Hypno Seeds’ Amerikan Pie feminized cannabis strain takes the cake when it comes to potency, yield, and flavor. At around 25% THC, 500 grams per plant, and delightful warm citrus aromas it will be a fast favorite for all. An easy strain for novices to pros, everyone needs to get a slice of this Canna pie!

Appearance and Grow Tips

A stunning American beauty, this strain is an absolute sight to behold while growing it. It grows quite tall, maxing out to 190 cm (75 in) with decent internodal spacing. Its flower sites bloom into thick, dense weed colas with spiraling bright green calyxes. Late into flower, it can take on vibrant purple tones giving a fascinatingly beautiful contrast, the star of the grow space. Cultivating this strain is easy as pie! It will be a pleasure to grow for growers of all levels due to the ease of the cultivation. Thanks to its size, training is recommended so as to avoid this strain taking over your grow space. Outdoors, it’s large and in charge, be sure you don’t have any nosy neighbors before planting these cannabis seeds, or else invest in some weed companion plants to be more stealthy. After around 10 weeks of flowering, it’ll be ready to slice and harvest.

Flavor and aroma

A delectable mix of spice together with chocolate peanut butter and citrus, this strain will get you salivating with its blood orange notes combined with spicy ginger, cherry and fragrant rose tea; like the ultimate Christmas pie, the smell alone will fill you and your surroundings with warmth and cheer. Its earthy undertones give it a richness and a full-bodied flavor that everybody should get a taste of. Make sure to do oil extractions or integrate it as the main ingridient in your favorite edibles recipe.


The American dream: A predominantly Indica premium hybrid, around 65%, Amerikan Pie takes on the best effects of its parent crosses. Relaxed yet alert, it is a synergetic high like no other. This is ultimately the perfect strain to take along to a chill get-together or use during creative endeavors. Its calming attributes allow for a deep sense of relaxation and serenity.

Tech Specs

FlavorBlood Orange, Earthy, Ginger, Spicy, Tea Rose
Type65% Indica / 35% Sativa
Flowering9-10 Weeks
Indoor Yield500-600 G/m2
Outdoor Yield400-500 G/plant
HarvestFirst Half Of October
Height80-190 Cm
EffectFresh Head, Calming, Chill, Creative, Happy, Mental, Relaxation
GeneticsDo-si-dos X Gsc X Cream Brulee