Cali Deli


Experience the mesmerising fusion of Nepali & Cheese for high-yield Sativa



Fresh flavors and monster yields are what growers can expect from Hypno Seeds’ Cali Deli (OG Kush x Nepali x Cheese). A feminized cannabis strain with mentally harmonizing effects and up to 21% THC. A great hybrid strain for indoors or out, its fairly short flowering phase of around 9 weeks will allow growers to enjoy its scrumptious frosty buds by late summer’s end. Fans of Sativa strains will be starstruck from the moment they pop these cannabis seeds into the ground.

Appearance and Grow Tips

Large and in charge. Cali Deli is a West coast OG Kush beast. Therefore, growers should prepare their spaces for this monster cannabis cultivar’s height which can reach around 220 cm (87in). Its 70% Sativa heritage truly shines in its size, structure, and yield, with around 650g/m2 of trichome-glistening buds. When growing these cannabis seeds, get your big pots out, making sure its last transplant is in one which holds at least 5-7 gallons. Because of its size, we mostly recommend this strain for growers with some experience in cultivation as it might need some control, especially if grown indoors. Topping or FIMing are also good options in controlling the height. In particular, for newbies looking to dive right into weed cultivation, LST is highly recommended.

Flavor and aroma

Cali Deli’s effects and flavor make for a top-notch wake n’ bake. A slurry of freshly roasted coffee beans, together with sour juicy lemons act as a pick-me-up to the mind, body, and consciousness. Just a quick whiff of cured buds brings joy to the soul. Like a cup of joe from your favorite local cafe, similarly, this strain is a dream for your morning self-care routine.


Mind-expanding awareness, as well as sensations of heightened consciousness, are to be expected when smoking this Sativa dominant Cannabis strain. Those in search of mental clarity, take note, Cali Deli is the perfect companion in self-discovery and existential journeys. Everyone around will die to be next in line for a smoke.

Tech Specs

FlavorRoasted Coffee Beans, Cool, Fresh, Lemon Tree
Type30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Flowering8-9 Weeks
Indoor Yield450-650 G/m2
Outdoor Yield500-700 G/plant
HarvestEnd Of September, Start Of October
Height90-220 Cm
EffectAwareness, Fresh Head, Creative, Excited, Energetic, Sensual
GeneticsNepali X Og Kush X Cheese