Cream Brulee


Captivating Sweet Creamy Flavours: The Ultimate Sweet Tooth’s Dessert Cannabis



Get ready for a hypnotizing ‘dessert coma’ with this one! A beautiful and rare creme strain, made with carefully selected, top-shelf Californian cannabis strains, our feminized Cream Brulee is an incredible Indica-dominant cultivar with mouth-watering flavors, easy growth, and quick turnaround, that any grower would be proud to see in their grow space, indoors or out.

Appearance and Grow Tips

Once planted, these cannabis seeds will grow into typical Indica-structured robust plants, reaching up to 100 cm (36 in). Given its Indica-dominant lineage, when flowering starts, Cream Brulee grows fast and fat. It shoots out thick colas that stink of the famous French dessert with a dash of dank and is ready to chop after about 9 weeks of flowering.

Because of this strain’s resistance to mold and pests, it’s a safe bet for beginner growers looking for something special and unique to cultivate. She’s a moderate feeder. Start light-handed with the nutrients but be ready to increase the dose once she takes off in growth. This strain requires no special attention other than perhaps some stakes to help hold up her heavy tops. Some defoliation throughout the grow to allow bud sites enough light to thrive and flourish will also help. Small but mighty, this girl is a heavy yielder, producing up to 600 grams (per plant) of beautiful pinkish green buds that pack a moderate 20% THC.

Flavor and aroma

Cannabis connoisseurs in search of top-quality gourmet creme dessert cannabis, look no further! Cream Brulee is a powerhouse strain of creme flavor. As the name suggests, this Indica-dominant strain smokes smooth and creamy with notes of roasted caramel, whipping cream, and sweet vanilla all swirled together with coconut, coffee, chocolate, and piney undertones. Beware: Once you light up a joint and the smoke starts rolling, everyone around you will want a toke of this irresistibly delicious weed. No one will be able to resist its captivating aroma. Extractors and hash makers will fall in love at first dab. Or if you know a good edibles recipie, don’t hesitate and use Cream Brulee in your next project.


Along with its complex flavor, Cream Brulee gives a deep feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Thanks to its 1,5% CBD level, it is a fantastic strain to use to destress after a long day. Let the couch locking Indica effects entrance you. Allow it to help whisk you away to dreamland for a beautiful deep sleep in no time.

Tech Specs

FlavorButter, Coffee, Caramel, Nutty, Piney, Sweet Vanilla
Type80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering8-9 Weeks
Indoor Yield450-550 G/m2
Outdoor Yield450-600 G/plant
HarvestEnd Of September, Start Of October
Height50-100 Cm
EffectEuphoria, Happy, Relaxation
GeneticsCream Brulee