Dr Hypno CBD


Unlock the hypnotic power of pure relaxation with our best-priced CBD autoflower!



Here at Hypno Seeds, we understand some people need fast access to their meds. That’s why we created a super quick autoflowering version of our beloved Dr. Hypno CBD so that home growers can get their hands on medicinal yields in around 8 weeks from seed to harvest. And thanks to this strain’s specific autoflowering genetics, Dr. Hypno CBD Auto can pack a hefty 20% CBD and as little as 0.4 % THC, making it slightly more therapeutic than its photoperiodic lineage. It’s incredibly easy to grow, requiring no special effort, and its quick turnaround will keep you stocked up so you never run out of the sensational buds these autoflowering CBD seeds produce.

Appearance and Grow Tips

Due to its compact size, Dr. Hypno CBD Auto is the perfect stealthy option for all types of growers. Whether your grow space is a climatized indoor grow tent, a beautiful outdoor garden, or even a city balcony, you’ll find it incredibly easy to cultivate this pain-relieving cannabis strain. It’s just as resistant as its predecessor and absolutely no quality is lost during its fast development. Being a balanced hybrid, it takes on the best of both worlds in regards to structure and growth. We highly recommend LST to increase bud sites and yield, which can reach up to 150 grams per plant. Just like with all of our autoflowering strains, we recommend giving this cannabis plant the most light possible. For growers in nordic countries with short summers, it’s never been simpler to grow Mother Nature’s medicine.

Flavor and aroma

Close your eyes and imagine walking through an orchard of oranges and honeycombs surrounded by fresh woods. Now open your eyes and see the reality all in one fast-growing autoflowering cannabis plant. Grinding and rolling this up into a spliff is like aromatherapy as it wafts its delicious scents into the air, and once you light up, prepare yourself for all 5 senses to be aroused by its aroma and effects.


Blissfulness, Pleasure, Clarity, and Pain Relief all in one. Avoid the medicine cabinet. roll this into a spliff, pack into a bowl, or make oils and tinctures to use when your body and mind need some alleviation. Slowly inhale and exhale to meditate with its medicinal properties.

Tech Specs

FlavorFresh Woods, Orange Blossom Honey
Type55% Indica / 45% Sativa
Flowering8 Weeks From Germination
Indoor Yield350-500 G/m2
Outdoor Yield100-150 G/plant
Height50-80 Cm
HarvestEnd Of September
EffectPleasant, Calming, Relaxation, Therapeutic
GeneticsDr. Hypno Cbd X Autoflowering