Fabric Pot (25 L)


Add some airflow to your plants’ roots by planting them in these amazing fabric pots designed specifacally for enhacing the oxygen intake. The 25L pot will help you reach even bigger harvests, and maintain your plants healthy throughout the whole grow process.

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The right pot is super important for a successful grow, so we’ve designed the perfect geotextile fabric pot so that your Hypno cannabis plants will live their best life. It’s vital to allow oxygen to reach the roots and the breathable material of our pots will do just that by allowing airflow to them so that they can thrive and produce big yeilds. What’s more is that since they are made of fabric, they are environmentally friendly because you can wash and reuse them grow after grow. When it comes to pots: size matters. That’s why we chose a 25L/5.5Gal container, so that no matter what you grow, it will reach its full potential. Each pot displays our famous logo so you can proudly display your Hypno ladies in your grow space.