Hypno Zkittlez


Captivating Candy Flavors, Powerhouse 24% Potency, and Bewitching Beauty Ready In 9 Weeks From Seed!



Our ever famous Hypno Zkittlez is now available in a fast autoflowering form. As if it couldn’t get any better, the same potency and flavor of one of our most delicious strains are ready to enjoy in up to 9 weeks from germination. Hypno Zkittlez Auto is among the highest yielding in our autoflower lineup. And it’s also among the strongest, with around 24% THC: a true powerhouse cultivar. The moment these cannabis seeds are planted, the all-around strength will be evident, from the vigorous seedling to the powerfully complex smoke.

Appearance and Grow Tips

Hypno Zkittlez Auto is an absolute wonder to watch when planting in the grow space. Expect a strong stalk to withhold several side branches with perfectly tight internodal spacing, which, together with the main cola, will develop thick, heavy cone-shaped buds into late flower. LST is recommended to open up the branches and allow light to hit all the bud sites to ensure this cannabis strain reaches its potential of up to 650g/m2. Staying true to its indica lineage, it should reach a height from 60-100cm (25-40in), making it a great candidate for smaller grow rooms or discreet outdoor spots.

It’s also a perfect strain for growers who prefer the SOG method due to its hefty main cola. Into late flower, the buds will live up to their name, displaying various pink, purple, and green pastel tones contrasted with bright lime green leaves, all sprinkled with glowing sugar crumb trichomes. The sparkling rainbow that will bewitch anyone who sets their eyes on it.

Flavor and aroma

An always alluring autoflowering strain, the sweet candy scents will captivate growers from early flower on. Bringing fond childhood memories of visits to the candy shop. Inhale complex bursts of tart blood orange, spicy cinnamon combined with fresh honeydew, tropical carambola, and bitter grapefruit. The flavors will dance on and tease your tastebuds for a unique tasting experience. Extractors and hashmakers beware: this strain will take the cake above the rest.


Dr. Hypno’s fast autoflowering strain version of oneof  his first creations does not skimp on the potency. Reaching around 24% THC, it’s not for the faint-hearted or novice consumers. One can expect a heavy indica hit from the first puff, inducing deep yet energized relaxation. For those searching for something to mentally balance and invoke focus, this is the autflower for the job.

Tech Specs

FlavorBlood Orange, Cinnamon, Carambola, Honey Dew, Grapefruit
Type70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Flowering8-9 Weeks From Germination
Indoor Yield400-650 G/m2
Outdoor Yield45-155 G/plant
Height60-120 Cm
HarvestEnd Of September, Start Of October
EffectActive, Alert, Energized, Focused, Happy, Sensual
GeneticsHypno Zkittlez X Autoflowering