Ice Eyes


Third-Eye Opening Effects and Complex Flavors Ready to Harvest in 9 weeks!



Prepare for a third eye-opening experience, like staring into a hypnosis wheel. Our Ice Eyes Auto cannabis strain will take hold of you and stimulate your senses. A delicious, and at the same time evenly-balanced hybrid Gorilla, Girl Scout Cookies, and Gelato cross with up to 22% THC are ready for harvest in around 9 weeks from germination. This strain is perfect for those looking for a potent and quick cultivar that’s easy to grow. It provides a hefty harvest of frosty buds.

Appearance and Grow Tips

From the moment you plant these autoflowering cannabis seeds, the fantastic grow show begins. During the vegetative state, it will quickly grow tall and bushy, due to its mix of Sativa and Indica genetics. Its branches will stretch, while its central cola will grow long with substantial side branches, reaching up to 120 cm (47 in) in height, making it great for applying LST early in growth.

Go light on the feeding in the first few weeks and increase throughout the growth, as this one can get hungry during the flower. As a result, Ice Eyes Auto buds will swell and frost up in the last weeks of flowering. Eventually, it will turn your growing space into a winter wonderland. Ice Eyes can produce a whopping 155 grams per plant. Its dense, trichome-encrusted buds will be the envy of anyone who has the pleasure to lay their eyes on them.

Flavour and aroma

For fans of strong weed, this one’s for you. Its pungent flavour is accompanied by bittersweet, floral, and at the same time spruce undertones, giving this strain a complex terp profile any cannabis connoisseur will enjoy. The combination of flavours transforms into an incense-like smoke that will help you along on a meditative journey.


Light up, sit back and enjoy the flight. Let your mind succumb to Ice Eyes stimulating cerebral effects and allow your body to feel the energy. With its high THC content and a moderate level of CBD, some synergy is at work. This strain is, by all means, the perfect accessory for any social gathering. Everyone will want to take part in its consciousness-expanding effects.

Tech Specs

FlavorBlood Orange, Lemon Tree, Spicy, Sweet
Type60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Flowering8-9 Weeks From Germination
Indoor Yield450-550 G/m2
Outdoor Yield45-155 G/plant
Height60-120 Cm
HarvestEnd Of September, Start Of October
EffectActive, Cerebral, Creative, Energetic
GeneticsGorilla X Gsc X Gelato Ice X Autoflowering