Rainbow Runtz


Arise And Awaken Your Senses For An All Day Adventure: 22% THC And XL Harvests In 8 Weeks!





Arise and awaken your mind and senses with an impeccable hybrid autoflowering strain. Hypno Seeds’ Rainbow Runtz Auto will quickly become your go-to all-day strain for its stimulating coffee flavor and energizing effects. With XL yields and 22%THC, this strain will grace any grow space with its perfect presence and in 8-9 weeks from seed will provide exotically colorful and tempting tasty buds. Perfect for indoors or outdoors, growers will be delighted with this cannabis strain’s performance in either environment.

Appearance and Grow Tips

A breathtaking sight to behold: Rainbow Runtz Auto will stand out and shine brightly in your grow space, not only for its height of 140cm (55 in) but for its vivid slurry of colors and immense trichome production. Like a magic rainbow showing through a snowstorm. As a fairly balanced hybrid strain, of 60%Indica and 40%Sativa, it takes on the best of both with its Sativa size and Indica thickness. Due to this autoflower’s height, extra support is recommended, or for growers who like to train their cannabis plants, applying the SCROG method with a trellis will maximize bud potential and yields of 550g/m2. Outdoor growers should also take note as this cultivar will flourish during the season and provide bountiful harvests of up to 210g per plant.

Flavor and aroma

Freshly roasted sweet coffee beans and zesty lemon tree orchard with pine tree fragrances will seep from cured buds and arouse your consciousness. Like going for a run in the woods after your morning cup of joe, this cannabis strain’s smell and flavor will inspire you for the day. Just opening a jar and getting a whiff of these pungent buds is a treat in itself.


Rise and Shine with Rainbow Runtz Auto. The perfect hybrid strain for an all-day adventure, from early morning to late night this strain will uplift and enlighten. Its energy-inducing power will accompany you in any social situation and provide pleasant alertness to keep you going and anxiety-free all day. A great strain to share with friends for a mutually illuminating experience. Happiness is an understatement, prepare for hours of bliss and joy.

Tech Specs

FlavorRoasted Coffee Beans, Sweet & Spicy, Lemon Tree, Piney
Type60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Flowering8-9 Weeks From Germination
Indoor Yield450-550 G/m2
Outdoor Yield60-210 G/plant
Height70-130 Cm
HarvestEnd Of September, Start Of October
EffectAlert, Energized, Happy, Sociable, Uplifting
GeneticsHypno Runtz X Rainbow X Autoflowering