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How Many Autoflowers Fit Per Square Foot?

a green house with cannabis plants

The size of the roots growing underneath the ground will reflect upon the size of the cannabis plant growing above the ground. The root size will have a major effect on nutrient and water intake, which are directly related to photosynthesis, thus, to the plant’s quality and growth. And that makes knowing how many autoflowers per square foot vitals for a healthy cannabis yield.

With that being said, let’s find out the answer to this question along with the factors that can influence these numbers.

How Many Autoflowers Per Square Foot?

If you know what strains you are growing, you can find out about the typical size of a mature plant. This information is usually provided by a breeder. Then you can just divide the available area according to that size. It’s a fairly simple process. However, if you are not sure of the plant’s final size, you can follow the general guidelines for the Autoflowers.

Part 1: Measure the size of your grow room

If you are growing the plant in cannabis grow tent or room, its guidebook will have the accurate dimensions of the growing area. Otherwise, you can use a general measuring tape to find the size of the grow room. Then calculate the area of the grow room by multiplying the length by the width.

calculating area of grow room

Part 2: Calculating the Autoflowers Per Square Foot

According to most cannabis growers, you will need an area of around 1-6 square feet per plant, depending on the crop quality you expect.

For instance, if the quality is your main concern, you will need autoflower plants that grow tall and wide. Consequently, you will need to provide an area of 2-6 feet per plant.

In contrast, if your prime concern is quantity, you can slightly decrease the area and light. This way, you will be able to plant one plant per square foot without any problem.

Another big factor that will change the number of autoflowers per square foot is your grooming and growing techniques. Usually, for a technique like Sea of Green (SOG), one plant per square foot works perfectly.

However, for implying low-stress training or topping techniques, you will need to provide an area of 2-4 feet per plant. Whereas for a Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique, you will need around 6 square feet of area per plant.

Factor Affecting the Number of Autoflowers Per Square Foot?

The number of plants that you can grow in an area is not set. It will depend highly on the strains you are using and the environment you are providing. Factors like your caring routine and growing techniques will affect these numbers.


If you are using a strain that grows larger leaves, the number of autoflowers per square foot will be less compared to the number of small-leave plants you can grow.

For instance, if you are using a strain like Hazenberg AM (Amnesia Haze) which has Sativa as the dominant genetics, the plant will grow taller. Similarly, a plant-like Cream Brulee Auto, which has Indica as the dominant genetics, will be slightly bushier. Therefore, before growing a cannabis plant, check out the top-selling autoflower seeds and settle for the one that fits your requirement. 

Pot size

Usually, cannabis seeds are grown in smaller pots. It helps the grower to have better control and save the growing area.

However, depending on the strains, growing method, and preferences, the size of this pot can differ. Some growers like to use larger pots, so they don’t have to transplant right after the plant reaches the full vegetative state.

In contrast, other growers use small pots to save space in the initial stage. There are also few who use full-size pots to avoid the hassle of replanting. There is also the option of square pots that consume slightly less space compared to their circular ones.

Now, the larger pot you choose, the more area it will need, therefore the lesser will be the number of autoflowers per square foot. But the plant will grow larger and offer better yield quality. The vice versa is possible for smaller pots. They may offer you quantity but can cost you quality. Thus, consider your plant’s strain, and use pots that are neither too small nor too large.

Training Routine

Every cannabis plant will need training to grow large and healthy. However, you can also use training techniques to adjust the plant’s shape for a specific growing area.

For instance, a grower can top the plant to control its height or trim the fan leaves to adjust its spread. In the first case, the plant will grow to be bushier, while in the second, the plant will grow longer and slimmer. And of course, if you choose to make your plants bushier, you will be decreasing their number per square foot and vice versa.

Growing Method

Over the years, cannabis growers have adopted and used many different techniques for growing cannabis. However, the most common ones amongst these techniques are SOG and SCROG.

SOG: The Sea of Green, known as SOG, in short, is a unique time-efficient cannabis growing technique. In this method, you grow a large number of plants in the given area and let them flower at a young age. Since they don’t grow large, you won’t have the hassle of pruning or training them. Plus, they never reach full size, so you can attain more yield from less area.

cannabis plants with SOG applied
Example of SOG

SCROG: In contrast to SOG, the SCROG or the Screen of Green is a method used for efficiently using the lights. The method involves using a screen with multiple holes in it. A limited number of plants are planted under this screen and allowed to grow. Once the plants grow to a certain height, you bend and wrap them to create a flat canopy. This method allows the plant to get more sunlight and grow a better quality yield. It can also help you to get more yield from the given area compared to other cannabis-growing methods.

cannabis plants with ScrOG applied
Photo by DoDrugs420


Knowing the right quantity of cannabis plants will affect every part of the plant’s life. It will influence its growth speed, bud quality, yield quantity, and every caretaking routine it will need. So whether you are a professional cannabis grower or a home grower, make sure to calculate the numbers carefully.

And if you ever have a doubt, you can always come back and read this blog for more information. 

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How Many Autoflowers Fit Per Square Foot?

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