Hypno Zkittlez


Taste the Hypnotic Rainbow: Potent, Candy Hard and Sugar Coated Buds



Always a crowd favorite, we bring our own Hypno Zkittlez to the cannabis game. Its famous sweet flavor and candy-hard, sugar-coated buds are ever present and ready to impress. Growing these feminized cannabis seeds is a cinch and growers of all levels will enjoy the spectacle of growth and amazing terp profile they have to offer. The journey to tasting our own hypnotizing rainbow is well worth it and will be one to remember and repeat.

Appearance and Grow Tips

Hypno Zkittlez grows in a typical Indica structure, shooting out a massive main cola as fat as and similar in shape to an American football, and can reach up to 190 cm (75 in). Once it’s in flower mode, it starts packing on the weight and doesn’t stop until chop time; be sure to use support stakes to help hold the heavy colas up during growth. Flushing around week 8 of flower will bring out all its captivating colors right before its harvest window of 9 weeks flowering. Due to its density, it’s crucial to control humidity to avoid any bud rot. Good air circulation is also key. Using big pots, at least 7 gallons, will allow its roots to stretch and thrive, making way for a hefty harvest of around 550 grams per plant.

Flavor and aroma

The sweetest fruit smoothie you’ve ever tasted: a combination of sweet papaya and sour star fruit sweep through your taste buds on the inhale as bittersweet grapefruit and crisp honeydew grace them on the exhale, making for a very satisfying and tasty experience. Extractions are a great way to truly distinguish all the flavors Hypno Zkittlez encompasses.


Like floating on Cloud 9, hovering over a rainbow of flavor and sensations. The high starts out with an overall feeling of happiness and eases into focused energy that allows consumers to stay alert and active. Perfect for artistic activities as it can really get one’s creative juices flowing.

Tech Specs

FlavorCarambola, Honey Dew, Sweet Papaya, Grapefruit
Type70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Flowering9 Weeks
Indoor Yield250-450 G/m2
Outdoor Yield350-550 G/plant
Height60-190 Cm
HarvestEnd Of September, Start Of October
EffectActive, Alert, Energized, Focused, Happy


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