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Maximizing Cannabis Growth: Topping and Low Stress Training (LST) Explained

topping cannabis plant

In the world of cannabis cultivation, the pursuit of perfection is never-ending. Achieving the highest possible yields requires knowledge, skill, and attention to detail. Topping and Low Stress Training (LST) are two vital techniques that Hypno Seeds has mastered to help growers reach their cultivation goals.

Here, we’ll explore these methods, offering you an expert guide to apply them effectively. Ready to transform your growth game? Let’s delve in.

Topping: Shape Your Plant, Enhance Your Yield

Topping is more than just a cut; it’s a strategic move to unlock your plant’s potential. By understanding and applying this technique, you can not only shape your plant but increase yields by encouraging more branches and buds.

Understanding the Science

Topping disrupts a plant’s typical growth pattern, leading to a more bushy structure and evenly sized fruits. But how does it affect the plant on a biological level?

  • Growth Hormones Redistribution: When you top a plant, the growth hormones get redistributed to the other branches, allowing them to grow more vigorously.
  • Increased Light Exposure: Topping ensures more branches are exposed to light, optimizing energy utilization.

Finding the Sweet Zone: A Balanced Environment

The sweet zone, where light intensity and temperature are ideal for growth, is crucial in topping. Finding and maintaining this area ensures that your branches thrive without the risk of burning or stunting.

cannabis sweet zone

Timing Your Topping: A Comprehensive Guide

Timing is a crucial factor in topping. Here’s a revised guide to help you:

Plant StageStart Topping?WeekNodesAdditional Notes
SeedlingNo1-21-2Too early, allow plant to develop
Early VegetativeYes3-43-4Topping is recommeded
Late VegetativeYes5-65-6Ideal time for Photoperiod plants
FloweringNo7-9+7+Can lead to reduced yields
When to top cannabis

Topping is an art and science combined, and understanding when and how to do it makes all the difference.

How to Perform Topping: A Step-by-Step Guide

Topping is a high-impact technique that can significantly shape your plant’s growth. Here’s how to do it right:

1. Identify the Right Time to Top

Refer to our detailed table for guidance on the appropriate stage, weeks, and number of nodes for topping.

2. Choose the Correct Stem

Select the main stem or a branch that you want to promote branching from. Look for healthy growth with at least 3-4 nodes.

how to perform topping on cannabis plants

3. Prepare Your Tools

Use clean, sharp scissors or a razor blade. Sterilize them with alcohol to prevent infections.

4. Make the Cut

Cut the stem right above the node where you want branching to occur. Be precise and make a clean cut without crushing the stem.

topping cannabis with scissors

5. Monitor Growth

After topping, your plant will need time to recover and start branching. Keep a close eye on the growth and provide proper care.

6. Consider Multiple Toppings (Optional)

For more complex growth patterns, you can top multiple times. Follow the same steps, being cautious not to over-stress the plant.

Low Stress Training (LST): A Gentle Path to Growth

Low Stress Training, or LST, is a refined approach to guiding your plant’s growth. It’s a technique that, while subtle, can have a profound impact on your yields. Here’s how:

The Power of LST

LST is not about forcing your plant into submission but rather guiding it. It’s a technique that speaks to the art of patience, observation, and understanding.

  • Enhanced Light Penetration: By gently bending branches, LST ensures that more of the plant receives precious sunlight.
  • Controlled Growth Patterns: Whether you’re growing in limited space or aiming for a specific shape, LST gives you control without stress.
  • Yield Boost: When executed correctly, LST can enhance yields by ensuring even growth and better light distribution.

LST in Action: How to Apply Low Stress Training

LST may sound complex, but it’s accessible to growers of all levels. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Select Your Branches: Identify the branches that need repositioning, usually those blocking light.
  2. Gentle Bending: Using your hands or soft ties, carefully bend the branches to desired positions.
  3. Secure the Position: Utilize stakes or weights to hold the branches in place.
  4. Ongoing Care: LST is a continuous process. Regularly monitor and adjust as your plant grows.

Interested in learning more? Read our full guide on LST.

Combining Topping and LST: A Symphony of Growth

Utilizing both topping and LST can lead to a harmonious growth pattern, enhancing your plant’s structure and yields. Here’s why combining these techniques is beneficial:

  • Optimized Growth Patterns: Together, topping and LST can create a plant structure that maximizes sunlight absorption.
  • Yield Enhancement: Both techniques focus on creating more even growth, leading to more buds and higher yields.
  • Customization: Tailoring both topping and LST allows you to create specific growth patterns suited to your needs and space.

Tailored Solutions from Hypno Seeds

At Hypno Seeds, we believe that every grower deserves to achieve their best yield. Our range of seeds, tools, and expert guidance is crafted to support you in mastering these techniques.

Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis cultivation or an experienced grower looking to refine your techniques, Hypno Seeds offers tailored solutions to help you increase cannabis yields through topping and LST.

Join our community of passionate growers. Explore our extensive product range and take the first step towards your best grow yet.

FAQ: Demystifying Topping and Low Stress Training

Q: What’s the difference between topping and Low Stress Training (LST)? A: Topping involves cutting the main stem to promote bushier growth, while LST gently bends branches to increase light exposure. Both aim to increase cannabis yields but through different approaches.

Q: Is topping considered High Stress Training (HST)? A: Yes, topping is considered a High Stress Training (HST) technique as it involves cutting the plant, whereas LST is gentler and considered low stress.

Q: Can I top too early? A: Absolutely. Topping too early, especially during the seedling stage or when the plant has fewer than 3-4 nodes, can hinder growth. Refer to our detailed table for precise timing.

Q: Can I top during flowering? A: Topping during flowering is generally not recommended as it can lead to reduced yields. Focus on topping during the vegetative stage for optimal results.

Q: Can I top multiple times? A: Yes, topping multiple times is possible and often used to create specific growth patterns. Be cautious and consult an expert, as excessive topping may stress the plant.

Q: Is topping performed on other plants besides cannabis? A: Yes, topping is a common horticultural technique and can be applied to various plants to control growth and enhance aesthetics.

Cultivating Success with Hypno Seeds

The path to maximizing cannabis growth is both a science and an art form. Topping and Low Stress Training (LST) are techniques that, when mastered, can significantly increase cannabis yields and transform your cultivation experience.

But it’s not just about the techniques. It’s about the community, support, and tailored solutions that make the journey enriching.

At Hypno Seeds, we’re committed to empowering growers at every stage. From high-quality seeds to in-depth guides, we’ve got everything you need to thrive.

Ready to embark on a journey towards achieving the perfect form for your plants? Explore our products and join a community on Facebook that grows together.

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