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When Does The Vegetative Stage Start?

The life of any cannabis plant, despite its type and strain, is divided into several different stages. Most farmers say that the plant undergoes five stages, starting from the seedling phase, moving to the vegetative stage, and ending with the flowering stage.

Each Of these stages decides the yield, quality, and chemical composition of the plant. However, the stage that plays the most important role is the vegetative stage or the growth phase. This is the stage where the plant actually reaches its potential size and gathers nutrients for flowering.

But when does this stage start, and what are its signs? And are there any special precautions that you need to take during this vegetative stage? Let’s find out.

Vegetation Stages of Cannabis Plants

The first stage of every cannabis plant starts with the germination of seeds. After this stage comes to the seedling stage, where the plant grows from a single thin fiber-like stem to something that looks like a small stem. It will take the cannabis plant around 2-4 weeks to cross both stages.

cannabis seedlings

Once the seed is fully mature, it will start to turn into a healthy plant, or in other words, enter the vegetation stage. The first indication of this stage is the growing pointed leaves on the seedling. Many cannabis farmers believe 7 sets of pointed leaves is the indicator for the beginning of the vegetative stage.

Some other indicators include thickening of the stem, increasing height, and appearance of the secondary nodes. The space between each node will also begin to increase. The plant will also start growing leaves much faster than before. The same thing is also true for the roots.

Your plant’s roots will start to expand rapidly and also thicken a little. The plant undergoes this growth in root base and leaves to increase the nutritional intake for photosynthesis. And it’s essential that you provide it with an adequate area for growth along with nutritional supplements, especially nitrogen.

cannabis entering vegetative stage

Moreover, once the plant reaches its vegetative stage, everything from temperatures to pH will affect its growth. The environment you provide and the nutrients you supply will determine the yield of each plant. You need to take special care of your cannabis during this time.

Precautions During Vegetative Stage

Once the cannabis plant reaches its vegetative stage, it attains a decent tolerance against temperature changes and other environmental factors. However, it’s still delicate and will need proper taming.

It means you have to make sure not to expose the plant to extreme temperature or humidity changes. Plus, you have to trim the plant regularly to maintain its size and growth. Not to mention, provide it with essential nutrients.

However, the most drastic factor during this stage is appropriate to light exposure. If the plant doesn’t get enough light, the plant will not grow, while high exposure can strain the plant.

Nutrients for Vegetative Stage

Like every other plant, cannabis plants also need some micronutrients to photosynthesize and grow. The main nutrients it will need are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Usually, you have to provide the plants with these nutrients in a ratio of 10:5:5.


For this part, you need to get a sample of the soil checked and then add these nutrients accordingly. And if possible, try using chemical-free sources for this part. There are many great organic nutrients you can try.

Light During Vegetative Stage

Light absorbed by your cannabis plant plays an important role in photosynthesis and affects its size and quality. Thus you have to balance it very carefully while keeping your strain type in mind. 

The photoperiod strain will need much more precise and controlled light conditions than the autoflower. It’s because they depend on light to trigger their growth stages, including the budding stage.

Light for Autoflower During Vegetative Stage

Autoflower, being genetically modified, does not need much light alteration while changing its growth stage. Nor does this plant have any over-exposure risk. So you can follow many different light cycles for the autoflower plants.

You can provide the plant with 24 hours of continuous light, 18 hours of light per day, and even 12 hours of light with 12 hours of resting period. Just make sure that you don’t go below 12 hours of light per day. The plant needs at least 12 hours of light to photosynthesize and grow properly.

Light for Photoperiod During Vegetative Stage

The light requirement of the Photoperiod cannabis plant is quite different from the autoflower and much more precise. This plant will need more than 18 hours of light for healthy growth. You can also go for a 20 or 24 hour light cycle for better quality and size. 

Another difference, in this case, is that if the light exposure is low, the plants may trigger flowering stages. And while it may not be a big problem for fully grown healthy plants, it can ruin a growing or premature cannabis plant.


Knowing the different stages of cannabis plants helps decide the best light cycle and nutrients for it. It’s also essential to make sure your plant reaches its full potential and generates top-quality cannabis.

Hopefully, the data above will be enough to determine the arrival of the vegetation stage of your cannabis plant. Use it and get the best out of your cannabis plants. And don’t forget to visit Hypnoseeds for high-quality seeds.

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When Does The Vegetative Stage Start?

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