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Hypno Seeds came to light about 15 years ago. Dr. Hypno got his hands on his very first cannabis seeds. Coming from a family of farmers, cultivating was second nature to him and since growing his very first cannabis plant, he was absolutely hooked. There began his obsession with breeding and creating unique and experimental varieties. Over the years, Dr. Hypno perfected his skill and ventured out to California to team up with other experts in the industry in order to put his passion to the public. After many years of carefully selecting and crossing the best of the best and creating what are some of the highest quality genetics on the market, Hypno Seeds was formed.

Being a small team of passionate and dedicated experts, quality is always chosen first, and a lot of focus and energy is placed on isolating the best aromas, flavors, and yields that a particular cannabis strain can provide. While it is quite a meticulous process, it is of utmost importance to Hypno Seeds that our customers are provided with only the highest grade, premium genetics with excellent germination rates and stability guaranteed. We sustain high principles on what we decide to bring to the public, never faltering in the analysis and control of quality throughout each and every process of genetic breeding.

Our work never stops: the Hypno Seeds team is wholeheartedly committed to working on new and special strains as well as constantly improving those we already have in our lineup.  Perfection is our motto, and we will keep the wheel rolling infinitely. We are aware that the world of cannabis is ever-changing and progressing and it will forever be our mission to keep up with the evolution of the industry and set the highest standards for what is to come in the near and far future.

Now, more than ever, here at Hypno seeds, we are ecstatic and eager to present all the hard work and dedication that’s been put in over the years. We are proud to offer the world our amazing and unique cannabis strains, which we are confident will enamor growers of all caliber: from those just starting out to those who have been in the growing game for decades to commercial growers with acres of space. We are sure of the work we have done, and know that we can provide the best of the best. Our genetics are dressed to impress time and time again.

Not only are we pleased to ensure the best genetics available, but we are also vehement to maintain an overall pleasant customer experience. From our breeders to our customer service team, to our shipping department, we are all steadfast in imparting the finest service to those we hold most valuable, YOU! The fantastic cannabis community and all of our amazing customers and incredible friends within it.

We hope to inspire people globally to enrapture themselves within the satisfaction of cannabis cultivation and to reap the therapeutic and extraordinary benefits that come with it. Growing together and motivating each other is a synergetic power that vibrates positivity among us. There is nothing more fulfilling to us than to see others enjoying the fruits of our heartfelt labor.  This gives us the fire and fuel to continue our passionate work and to help encourage a positive as well as an innovative mindset within the cannabis community, which we are so very thrilled to take part in. We are here, and here for good. It is our belief that the community will continue to increase and flourish, eventually leading to global legalization and the end of the stigmas attached to cannabis.

At Hypno Seeds, we strive to be the best and to evolve constantly. After over a decade of dedication to the cannabis plant, we have accumulated an extremely knowledgeable team, with experts in both California and Europe. Our breeding professionals work daily to perfect and maintain the genetics we offer to ensure we only provide the highest quality genetics on the market and consistently produce unique strains that stand out. With 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry behind us, we are confident in our work and proud to present our customers with our fruits of labor.

Thanks to our dedicated and hardworking international experts, we are able to develop a wide variety of cultivars. They have traveled worldwide and obtained cuts from all over the globe, which now go towards creating Hypno Seeds.

We break our strains down into three categories: Classic, Trending, and Creative. 

Those cannabis varieties that will take you on a blast from the past; old but gold. Our classic strains are the ones you know and love and hold dear. Like our Hazenberg AM, an autoflowering tribute to the beloved Amnesia Haze, or our Dr. Hypno CBD, coming in autoflower and photoperiod form, a medicinal version of the old-school gassy Diesel. Not to mention our Cali Deli that consists of landrace strains from Nepal and legendary classics OG Kush and Cheese. 

Just as much as our team loves the classics, we understand it’s important to stay on top of the trends in the cannabis world to give our customers the latest and greatest. One of the most popular strains in recent times, and one we knew we had to add to our lineup, Hypno Zkittlez, both in feminized and autoflowering versions so growers of all types can grow this fruity and delicious strain. Along the same lines, our Hypno Runtz Auto was an essential strain to produce, as well as Cream Brulee & Cream Brulee Auto, as we knew all of them are important strains of modern times and crucial to making available to our customers.

Last but certainly not least, our beloved ‘Creative Strains,’ the ones we can proudly boast as our unique creations and contributions to the cannabis community. These are the strains we have built our name around and the ones that have made us stand out from the rest. Because we have had the pleasure of handling so many amazing varieties, we have the opportunity to constantly experiment and invent new strains by playing with and selecting our favorite phenotypes.

Among the very first that we created, such as Juicy Pussy, Red Chile Truffles, Amerikan Pie, Ice Eyes, & Crystal Ball, have all been instant hits and are well known in all parts of the world for their incredible flavors, hefty yields, and high-quality, stable genetics. And recently, we’ve added some super exciting strains like Papaya Pie and Red Pistachio to our ever-growing catalog. We love to do this, and we will always be working on finding new flavors to keep our customers on their toes.

Speaking of our customers, you are really what we value at Hypno Seeds. It is crucial to us that we give the best service possible. We know that the customer comes first, and we stand by that. We work diligently to maintain communication with our client base, answering any and all questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are here to assist from the moment they contemplate purchasing to the moment they have cured and smoked their buds. From start to finish, we will be there.

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