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The staff at Hypno Seeds strive to give the best possible service to all of our clients and we will answer any questions in less than 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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-Unfortunately, Hypno Seeds cannot make direct shipments to the following countries: The USA, Canada. However, our distributors do! If you cannot find your country in our shipping list at the checkout, please contact us.

Terms of Shipping

It’s important to fill out your order with the correct and complete shipping information, with correct spelling, to ensure your package is shipped successfully. If there is any mistake in the shipping information, it’s possible that your package will not be delivered.

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  • Orders within Europe can be shipped express via UPS, delivery takes between 2-3 working days.
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We ship all European and International orders from Barcelona, Spain, where our warehouse is located.

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All shipments are made within 24 hours of the reception of payment. Please keep in mind that there could be delays due to flight cancellations, bank holidays, bad weather, or strikes within the delivery system, post office, or air services.

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We automatically ship discreetly to any country outside of the European Union. If you are within the European Union, and you would like for your order to be shipped discreetly, please contact us directly so that we can accommodate.

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Upon finalizing your order, you will receive an automatic order confirmation to your specified email with all the order details as well as an order number. If you don’t see this email, please have a look at your spam folder.

How can I cancel my order?

  • If your order is in the process of being prepared, please contact us as soon as possible in order to cancel the shipment.
  • If your order has already been shipped, you can not cancel it.

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Unfortunately, once you have finalized your order, no modifications can be made.

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When you choose ‘bank transfer’ as your form of payment, our bank details will appear on the last page of payment. It is important that you indicate your order number as the reference for the payment.  It should take around 2-3 working days for bank transfers to be processed.

What will appear on my bank statement if I pay by card?

All transactions by card will be listed as charges from Project Mesmerise.

How can I pay by Credit Card?

When choosing Visa/Mastercard as your form of payment, you will automatically be redirected to the WeldPay platform, which is a secure payment platform for these types of transactions. All European credit card payments are immediately processed and accepted. It is possible that non-European credit card payments will be denied.

What types of payments can I use?

We accept bank transfers, Credit card: Visa/Mastercard and Bitcoin

Types of Cannabis (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid)

In general, there are three categories in which cannabis plants fall under Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

Sativa cannabis plants are native to Central America, Africa, and Southeast and Western Asia; all of which are regions where the climate is quite hot, dry, and sunny. Sativa plants are distinctive for their tall stature and long, thin leaves. Usually, Sativa cannabis strains are associated with more cerebral, energizing effects making them more appropriate for daytime for many consumers.

The other most common type of cannabis plant is Indica. Indica plants are native to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey where the climate can be quite harsh. Opposite to Sativa cannabis plants, Indica plants grow short and stocky with fat, wide leaves. Its effects are also opposite of Sativa’s, making it a better choice for nighttime consumption due to its relaxing, couch-locking attributes.

Hybrid cannabis plants are exactly what they sound like, a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa varieties. Over the years, thousands of different hybrid strains have been created, and therefore there is no specific structure to them as they are all so different and their physical aspects will vary based on their parent plants. They are bred to take on the best attributes of their lineage making the effects variant as well.

What is Autoflowering?

Unlike photoperiods, autoflowering plants are plants that do not require any kind of light cycle in order to bloom. Autoflowering genetics are created by crossing a photoperiodic plant together with Ruderalis, which is a type of Cannabis plant that blooms even without any darkness. Ruderalis is native to Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe, and specifically, Russia, where often days are very long, and therefore plants have adapted to flower without darkness.

In general, autoflowering plants will flower automatically after 3-5 weeks of vegetation and are usually ready for harvest after about 8-10 weeks in total. Autoflowering Cannabis plants are especially useful to grow for those that experience short summers and/or long days without much darkness. They are also great for those who wish to maintain perpetual grow as you can keep the same light cycle going throughout the entire grow. It’s recommended to use at least 18 hours of light during the whole grow to allow them their maximum potential, though many growers choose to use a 20/4 or 24/0 light cycle for Autoflowering genetics.

What is Photoperiod?

A photoperiodic plant is one that requires photoperiods in order to bloom, in other words, they require a change in light cycles to induce flowers to start forming. Outdoors, starting from spring to summer, daylight lasts for about 18 hours, and further into fall, it shortens to around 12 hours. When the light changes from 18 hours to 12, photoperiodic plants begin to bloom. Those growing indoors must emulate these same conditions, so while vegging your plants, it is recommended to put plants on 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Once the plant has vegetated the desired amount, switch to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness cycle to trigger the plant to flower. Once in flower, the plant will take anywhere from 7 weeks and or more to finish, depending on the strain.

What is CBD?

Apart from THC, CBD or Cannabidiol is another main cannabinoid of the cannabis plant.  However, unlike THC, CBD does not interact with the endocannabinoid system in the same way. It does not provide the same psychoactive properties and instead is usually consumed for its pain-relieving and anti-anxiety therapeutic properties many people claim it has. Hypno Seeds have two strains that are high in CBD, our Dr. Hypno CBD and Dr. Hypno CBD Auto, which are both great strains to grow CBD flower to smoke or make extractions or topical oils with.

What is THC?

Cannabis is made up of many cannabinoids, one of the main ones being THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the component that is responsible for the psychoactive effects that many associate with cannabis. This is due to THC’s interaction with the human endocannabinoid system. At Hypno Seeds, we offer many high THC-containing strains for those in search of the effects that it brings.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds?

If it’s not possible to plant seeds upon receiving them, it’s important to store them properly.  For short-term storage, it’s best to keep them in their original packaging and leave them in a cool dark area.

If it’s necessary to store your cannabis seeds for a long period of time, it’s best to store them in an airtight container or vacuum-sealed bag inside of the refrigerator. Be sure not to let your seeds be exposed to light or extreme temperatures or humidity for either amount storage length.

What is the Flowering Phase?

The flowering phase refers to the period of growth in which the cannabis plant starts to bloom. Outdoors, this happens when the days begin to shorten, and indoors growers must switch their light cycle to 12/12 in order to replicate outdoor conditions. Each strain has its own length of flowering but generally, it will last between 7 and 10 weeks give or take. Again, this does not apply to autos as they will go into flower mode automatically.

What is the Vegetative Phase?

The vegetative or growth phase of a cannabis plant is the phase where the plant grows its leaves and branches. Under an 18/6 light cycle, which is ideal for this stage, you can allow the plant to grow as tall and as big as you wish. This is not applicable to Autoflowering genetics as they will change from vegetative to flowering phase on their own.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

There are various ways to germinate cannabis seeds. In every method, the most important thing is to make sure the seed is constantly moist. Here we will go over a few methods.

The paper towel method. Wet two paper towels with distilled and place seeds between them giving each seed its own amount of space, then place the paper towels with the seeds between two plates or inside a closed plastic container and leave in a warm dark area until tap roots emerge.

A glass of water method. Submerge seeds in a glass of distilled water and leave them in a warm dark area until tap roots emerge.

Directly in Medium method. Place the seed into a jiffy pod or directly into the pot with your medium of choice. Keep the medium moist, never letting it dry completely. Placing a cup or glass directly over the seed area can help maintain humidity which will help with germination.

What Kind of Nutrients is Good for Cannabis?

The main nutrients used to grow cannabis are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium or popularly referred to as NPK.

Nitrogen is responsible for the general development of the plant, especially during the vegetative phase due to its relationship to chlorophyll and converting sunlight into energy.

Phosphorus is important for nutrient absorption to grow healthy roots and subsequently healthy bud growth.

Potassium is an important nutrient for osmoregulation, aka the regulation of water and salt concentration of a plant. It also aids in photosynthesis by creating glucose which is then stored as energy for the plant, helping fortify growth.

The levels of each will vary based on the stage of growth your plant is in. During the vegetative phase, a general guideline is to use a nutrient brand with a high amount of Nitrogen, a medium amount of Phosphorus, and a high level of Potassium. Then while in the flowering phase, Nitrogen levels should be significantly decreased while Phosphorus and Potassium levels can remain the same.

Other nutrients which aid in cannabis growth but are given in smaller doses are Magnesium which makes chlorophyll, Calcium which aids in the transportation and absorption of other nutrients, and Sulfur which transports chlorophyll.

There are many brands that create separate nutrient compounds meant for the vegetative and flower phase. It’s important to follow the recommended doses on the bottle for photoperiodic cannabis plants, however, when growing autoflowering cannabis, it’s better to start with around ⅓ of the recommended dose and increase the dose as the plant grows and reacts to the nutrient amount.

What pH levels are Best for Growing Cannabis?

Regulating pH levels is important when growing cannabis to allow all the necessary nutrients to absorb adequately. The pH level will differ based on the medium of choice for the grow. Here we will go over pH levels for soil, soilless and hydro.

For soil, it’s recommended to range between 6.0 and 7.0. It’s best to fluctuate up and down between the two extremes, rather than staying at one pH level in order to give nutrients the proper pH for their maximum absorption.

For soilless and hydro, it’s recommended to range between 5.5 and 6.5, once again fluctuating between the two to allow nutrients to absorb correctly.

What Pot Size is Best to Grow Cannabis?

Photoperiods: Generally speaking, the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant. That being said, It is recommended to start the plant in a small pot or solo cup. Once the seedling is big enough, transplant to a larger pot and continue to increase pot size throughout the grow to provide the roots with the sufficient amount of space they need to thrive, which could be from anywhere from 3 gallons to 12 or more, depending on the desired size of the plant.

Autoflowers: With Autoflowering cannabis seeds, it’s recommended to plant them directly into their final pots, rather than transplanting them throughout the grow. Autos have a short lifespan and can potentially be stunted from having their roots disturbed. Generally, pots of 3-5 gallons work best to provide enough space and allow them to grow to their maximum potential.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped from our warehouse in Barcelona within 24 hours upon receipt of payment.

For orders within Europe, we offer express shipping with UPS. It takes 2-3 business days.
For international orders, we offer standard shipping. It takes 5-15 business days.

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