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Germination Guide for PhotoPeriod / AutoFlowering Cannabis Seeds

germinated seeds

Below are some of the tried and tested germination techniques for all your favorite cannabis seeds. Best of all, the first two are basically free, using basic household items. The other additional ideas are of little to no cost and these items can probably be found in your local shops or garden centers!

Is your Seed Fresh?

healthy cannabis seeds
Cannabis Seeds

Before you startcheck if the cannabis seeds you have are healthy and ready for the germination process. The best way to check this is to press the seed in-between your finger and thumb and squeeze forcefully.

If the cannabis seed breaks, it is rotten inside and perhaps got damp sometime in the packing or storage process. 

If the cannabis seed is fresh, fertile, and ready for soil (or whatever growing medium you choose to use), it will be hard to the touch and will not crumble under the small amount of pressure you apply.

Once you have figured out that your cannabis seeds are strong enough for the germination process, I guess it’s time to begin!

The Two “Old Faithful Ways

We can use multiple ways but if I’m honest there are only two primary ways that most people will do it. We’ll cover the two “Old Faithful Ways” for cannabis germination and after that, we can go into some other inexpensive ways of getting those little weed sprouts rocking out!

Note: The seeds you have, are, of course, little pockets of life that overall need water and then light … in that order!

Paper Towel Method

The first and most infamous way to successfully germinate your beloved weed seeds is by folding the seeds inside a wet paper towel in a cool, dark area. Spray the seeds with mist or a few drops of purified water every two days. You will need:

  • Hypno Seeds
  • 2 Kitchen Plates 
  • 1 Paper Towel Roll
  • Fresh Water/ Purified Bottled Water
  • Dark Cool Dry Place for Storage

Location is also key as this area can not be too hot or humid for cannabis to grow. The best place for the wet, folded paper towel is to be in between two dinner plates.

Water Glass Method

water glass germination method
Water Glass Germination

The oldest way in the book is to literally put the cannabis seeds directly into a glass of water. You will need:

  • Hypno Seeds
  • One Clean Glass
  • Bottled Water (half glass) 
  • Clingfilm to cover the glass (make air holes)

Put either or both methods of germination inside a cupboard or in a cool, dry drawer on a plastic tray to stop any water runoff. Check every day until you see little white or light green shoots coming from the cannabis seeds.

How to Know your Seed is Ready

When you see a split shell or a little sprout, you’ve probably been successful but remember, don’t move them until you see that the shoot is a decent size. Look for sprouts roughly 2 cm or 1 inch long.

Seed Germination Root
Cannabis Seed Germination Root

Longer sprouts provide our cannabis with a strong anchor and therefore a more successful transition when we come to pot them. Remember, these little weed shoots are basically babies so they need to be at the same temperature and without too much sunlight.

Now the water will make the outer shells of our cannabis seeds moist so that the little green sprouts can indeed make it through the tough shield we call the shell, thus turning it into a living organism.

Tip: If this is your first time growing weed, stick with the two “Old Faithful Ways”! There’s a reason why these methods have stood up to the test of time!

Germination in Pods/Chambers

Pods and chambers speak for themselves. They’re small plastic domes or boxes that can be purchased in all different sizes and shapes. Plus, they can also be filled with multiple yet different kinds of growing mediums.

Little things like these are what makes a truly skilled grower, trial and error over the years. At least with this method, you can try multiple options at the same time.

Tip: Use this method at an experimental stage in your growing journey. Fill each row or cell in the chamber with a different type of medium. This way you can then, in turn, check which seedling grows faster and why.

Germination in Planting Medium

Not down with the “Old Faithful Methods”? Here are some additional ways to get your weed seedling up and running.

Peat Pellets

peat pallets germination method
Peat Pallets Germination

Peat Pellets are one of my favorite ways to germinate weed and I have had a great success rate with these little beauties!

Soak the coins or pellets in a thin layer of water on a plate or in the sink. Wait for the water to be absorbed into the pellets. By this time they should have risen up into a little sack of wet peat. The nutrient value of these little sacks is beneficial to almost every kind of seed.

Once it has risen to full size, make a little hole halfway in with a pencil or something of similar size and place the seed inside while covering gently with your finger. Remember, don’t push or squeeze this too much. Once the seed is inside, just leave it alone and keep it damp. It will do just fine!

Tip: For Soil Growing use Peat Pellets, From this put the seedling pellets into a big pot of soil. For Hydro Growing. Rock wool and Lava Rock.

Rock Wool Cubes

Rock Wool Cubes are very similar but this medium is great if you intend to transplant your seedlings into a hydro system or into clay pellets/lava rocks. It all depends on how you grow and what kind of medium you use in the final stage of flowering your weed plants.

Germinating in Rock Wool is actually a universal growing medium. Overall it is great for a hydro growing system, as it soaks up all nutrients like a sponge. Plus, this provides solid foundations for the roots to grow into.

Of course, you can mix and match all types of mediums to make the perfect growing formula for you but it all starts with how well you germinate the seeds initially. Make sure you keep it simple and keep it watered.


Germination is a way for you as the grower to make sure the seed is actively growing in the soil. Overall the germination process is an extra step to ensuring your weed seeds’ survival. Ultimately, we can just drop the seed into a pot and hope for the best. But everyone knows that two weeks later you’re trying to dig it up to see the sprout. I’ve been there myself, don’t be that person!

For more information on Germination and growing mediums check our website’s future blogs or drop us an email via our contact page.

We’d be happy to hear from you about anything weed or seed-related! Make sure to follow our Instagram page and keep up with our venture and the rest of the cannabis community.

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Germination Guide for PhotoPeriod / AutoFlowering Cannabis Seeds

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