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How Many Autoflowers Can Fit in a 4*4 tent

cannabis plants in vegetative stage

Cannabis tents are one of those things that have risen from a good-to-have accessory to a must-have accessory for cannabis growers in recent years. They provide you with a contained environment offering you better control of the growing conditions.

Besides, these tents have reflective layers, ensuring maximum light for the plants. Not to mention, they are available in different sizes to meet your growth area requirements. But the one factor that still needs your attention is the number of plants you can grow.

Like a farm, the distance between each pot has to be calculated to obtain better growth quality and health of your plants. And in this blog, we will learn how you can calculate the number of Autoflowers in a 4*4 cannabis tent.

Number of Autoflowers In a 4*4 Tent

There is no definite number of Autoflowers in a 4*4 tent. The number will depend and change based on your chosen training method and strain preference. If you go for a training technique that focuses on the height of the plant, you can reduce the interplant space. Thus, the number of plants per square foot will increase.

Similarly, if you focus on a strain or strategy that produces bushier plants, the number of Autoflowers in a 4*4 tent will decrease. It’s because bushier plants will need space to expand, which means more interspace between each plant will be required.

tent with cannabis plants
Grow tent by DoDrugs420 (

Number of Autoflowers with Sea of Green

As a general principle, any grower going for the Sea of Green (SoG) technique can place the maximum number of Autoflowers in a 4*4 tent. They can easily put one plant per square foot without any issue. Therefore, you can place around 16 plants in your 4*4 cannabis tent. However, it’s recommended to place around nine plants per tent. It’s because the tent’s corners and space near the walls are slightly deficient in light. So you have to avoid using it. You can increase the number to 12 plants per tent with some light adjustment but never more than that. 

Number of Autoflowers with LST

The Low Stress Training (LST) method is next in line after the Sea of Green. You will need around 2-4 feet per plant applying this training technique. So, the plant number will drop to 4-8.

Number of Autoflowers with ScrOG

Some other training techniques, including Screen of Green (ScrOG), will further decrease the number of plants in a 4*4 tent. This technique focuses on maximizing the growth of the plant rather than its number. So, you will need around 6 feet of area per plant while implementing it.

Other Factor Affecting Autoflowers in a 4*4 Tent

While the training method plants an essential role in the number of Autoflowers in a 4*4 tent, there are many other factors that you need to consider. It includes the plant’s strain and its expected size when mature. Here’s a small list of some of these factors. 

Light Sources

The cannabis tents are supposed to have everything you need to create the right environment for your plants, including lights. Most of them will also have an inner lining of highly reflective material to enhance the interior lighting.

However, the number of lights in your tent and their position can vary. And in some cases, the position of the light combined with the reflective inner lining can create blind spots. For instance, a 4*4 tent with a single light source can have a blind spot towards the center. It means any plant kept in the middle section will receive less light than the other plants. Therefore, it will grow slower than others.

Besides the light position, there is also the light intensity and light type. Depending on your budget and the grow tent brand, you can install High-Intensity Discharge lights (HID), Fluorescent (FL), or LED lights. Similarly, your lights can have the power of anywhere from 100 to 1000 watts or even more. 

And it’s a crucial step to balance this part of the tent. If you go for a light with very low intensity, the plants may not get enough light. It will increase investment for you. Similarly, your power consumption and electricity bill will increase drastically if you go for a light with very high wattage. There is also the heat generation factor that you need to consider. If the light generates too much heat, they will need a dedicated cooling system and a decent resting time per day to work.

tent with cannabis plants and LED
Grow tent with LED by TheUK420Show (

Usually, for growing Autoflowers in a 4*4 tent, it’s best to go for LED lights. They are the least heat-producing and offer a decent efficiency. You get them in various wattages, so customization isn’t a significant factor. Not to mention, they can work for years without any problem.

Strain of the Autoflowers

Autoflowers are crossbreeds between multiple different cannabis plants. They are designed to inherit all the good properties of all their parent’s plants. However, each Autoflowers has one dominant parent gene.

One of the many strains of cannabis used for making the Autoflowers will influence its character more than others. And these dominant genes will play a part in the size and nature of the plants. For instance, if the dominant genetics come from a bushy type cannabis plant, the Autoflowers will also be bushier. Thus it will occupy more space, which will decrease the number of plants in your space.

Similarly, if the dominant plant is a tall type plant, it will need less interplant space. You will be able to place more of these Autoflowers in a 4*4 tent without any problem. Although, you might need to alter your trimming schedule according to this plant. The 4*4 tents have a fixed height, and you have to make sure your selected plant doesn’t grow taller than that at its prime.

Another significant effect of the dominant genetics of your Autoflowers will be seen in the training technique you can use. If your plant is a bushy type, you will need to stick with Sea of Green or the Low Stress Training. In contrast, for tall-growing Autoflowers, you will need to use a Screen of Green technique.

It’s because a bushy plant cannot wrap around a wired mesh. It will expand on the near-ground level and use its massive surface area to get the required light. On the other hand, the tall type plant will be slightly slim. They cannot use their surface area for absorbing light, and you need to wrap them around something to ensure proper light exposure. 

You can visit our site (Hypno Seeds) to browse through many Autoflowers options available in the market. We can provide you with quality seeds of top strains like Juicy Pussy, Ice Eyes, etc. Therefore, pay attention to the properties of the Autoflowers you select for your 4*4 grow tent.


The usual number of Autoflowers in a 44 tent is relative and will change according to the strain, light, and training method. So, there’s not a set number or a straightforward way to calculate the correct number. You have to analyze your requirements, including the interplant space you need for your crops, and decide the numbers accordingly.

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How Many Autoflowers Can Fit in a 4*4 tent

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