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Mycorrhizae For Cannabis


All garden lovers look for some organic solutions to make the soil fertile and resolve its problems. There is no better organic inoculant than Mycorrhizal. It will help to resolve pests and other soil diseases and grow the cannabis in great numbers. Keep reading this article to know more details about Mycorrhizae for Cannabis growth.

Mycorrhizae is also popular with the name “fungus root”. It is the element that can give you the most from your plants of cannabis. It acts in a symbiotic relationship with the plant for better growth. Furthermore, it increases the tolerance level of plants against stress and diseases. They also naturally exist in the soils as microorganisms. Mycorrhizae enhance the ability of plants to absorb natural nutrients and water inside the soil.

Mycorrhizae and Cannabis Growing

If you are an organic cannabis grower, then use Mycorrhizae for cannabis. There are many kinds of mycorrhizal fungi available in different soil types. However, endomycorrhizal fungi and ectomycorrhizal fungi are two significant kinds of it. They are helpful for reducing the risks of different soil and plant diseases like delay wilting and salt toxicity. Furthermore, Mycorrhizae also prevents the spread of pests in the plants, especially cannabis. As cannabis are herbaceous plants, the most beneficial fungi type for these plants is endomycorrhizal fungi.

Benefits of Mycorrhizae on the roots of Cannabis

Mycorrhizae have extraordinary good impacts on the root system of cannabis. Roots are the main part of plants from which they acquire nutrients from the soil. Roots also transfer such nutrients to the whole plant for its growth. So, roots must be stronger to acquire organic cannabis. Mycorrhizae provides that required strength to the roots of cannabis and give you a vibrant kind of cannabis.

The damaged root system of cannabis can never get better with changing feed levels. You can prevent such deficiency only by using mycorrhizae for cannabis. Here are some significant benefits of using Mycorrhizae on your cannabis plant:

  • Improvement of the cannabis yield
  • Enhanced quality of organic cannabis
  • A rise in water uptake
  • Increase in nutrient uptake
  • Growth of more fruits and flowers
  • Restoration of damaged roots
  • Strengthening of the cannabis root system

What is the Best Mycorrhizae Strain for Growing Cannabis?

There is a variety of mycorrhizae strains available for cannabis plants. However, the best among them is rhizophagus irregularis. It is the most significant mycorrhizae for cannabis, and it is also useful for the growth of hemp plants.

A recent study relating to cannabis growth with rhizophagus irregularis analyzed the consequences of this strain on different cannabis seeds. They chose three different pots of cannabis seeds and mixed 40, 80, and 120 spores of fungi in these plant pots. After this process, they perform the comparison of these plant pots with the cannabis plants that were free from any added fungal spores.

The researchers were overwhelmed by seeing the results. the cannabis plant that contains the 120 fungal spores was growing 30 percent more than the regular plant. Furthermore, the Mycorrhizal product containing plants had more survival rate as compared to the simple ones.

3 Methods to Apply Mycorrhizal for cannabis

You can add mycorrhizal fungi into the cannabis roots in a variety of ways. However, it is best to apply them in the earlier growth stages of the plant for better results. The reason for this is that younger plants have more tendency than mature ones for the inoculation process. Mature plants have thicker roots, and it becomes tough for the fungi to pass through them. So, it is necessary to add fungi to younger plants for greater benefits. These are three main methods for the application of Mycorrhizal in the cannabis plant.

  1. Mixing in growing media
  2. Application through planting hole
  3. Rootball coating

1.  Mixing in growing media

The first method is to mix the inoculant inside the growing media of the plant. This is the most efficient and simple method to spread out the fungi throughout the soil. All you have to do is to apply the Mycorrhizal product into the media as per the quantity mentioned on the pack.  Always try to mix the product thoroughly in the soil. You can also use a soil mixer if working in a larger area of cannabis growth and more quantity of plants.

2.  Application through planting hole

It is also an important method if you perform transplanting of plants. You can simply apply the product every time you perform the transplantation process of your cannabis plant. All you have to do is to place the product as per the recommended quantity on the pack at the bottom of the planting hole. It will help to grow cannabis quickly.

3.  Rootball coating

It is also an effective method for the application of fungi into the cannabis plant. You just need to put your product in a big-sized container in which your plant’s rootball can sit easily.  Now, gently damp the soil of the plant and roll the plant rootball in the container. In this way, the product will attach to all the sides and portions of the plant’s root. Furthermore, you can sprinkle the product instead of putting it in a container to save the product wastage.

5 main kinds of Mycorrhizal Fungi 

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF)

You can easily find this kind of fungi due to its common presence and association with almost all plants. They are quick to spread inside the roots of plants. Furthermore, they develop a clear path and network in the roots of plants. This type of fungi develops an arbuscular that helps to bring the essential nutrients. These nutrients make their way from fungi to the plant cell during the process of photosynthesis. However, they are not effective enough to grow more fruit bodies in the plant.

Orchid mycorrhizae

As the name suggests, this fungus is beneficial mainly for the Orchidaceae family of the plants. It is a very effective fungus to bring nutrients and carbon to young plants. So, it is the best product to help the transfer of carbon from fungi to plants at the germination stage.

Ectomycorrhizal fungi (ECM)

It is a very rare type of mycorrhizal fungi. They can associate with pine trees, birch trees, and other such hardwood trees. Their association rate with the type of plants is only 5%. It works on a different principle as compared to AMF. Ectomycorrhizal Fungi reproduce through the fruiting bodies. They perform their task by surrounding roots instead of the penetration process. Most importantly, it does not have the ability to associate itself with non-hardwoods like cannabis and hemp plants.

Monotropoid mycorrhizae

Such mycorrhizae are present usually in coniferous forests that have low light. The plants with which it associates also grow in such types of forests. These types of plants always look for some mycorrhizal association in order to grow and develop themselves.

Ericoid mycorrhizae

It is mainly present in nutrient-poor soils. You can find them everywhere in the world except the Antarctica continent. Ericoid mycorrhizae can split the forms of nitrogen to reduce the acidity in the soil. They are present mainly near ericaceous plants.

The Product for cannabis growth

So, If you looking for an organic product that can boost your cannabis growth, visit the website Hypnoseeds. They provide have a wide range of cannabis growth products that are super beneficial. Their products have the ability to make your cannabis plants flourish. Furthermore, you can try their DR HYPNO CBD for the amazing experience of cannabis.  This is an alternative way to grow quick and organic CBD products at home. It is a strain that proves to be therapeutic and relaxing for the consumers and cultivators. Moreover, it has a quick flowering process approximately 9 weeks. Furthermore, the product can give you an experience of medical buds that will provide around 1% THC and 15% CBD to relax your mind and body.

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