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20 Powerful Strategies to Increase Cannabis Yields

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Photo of a cannabis plant (Red Chile Truffles) with multiple colas, used in an article about strategies to increase yields

Embarking on a journey of cannabis cultivation and dreaming of a generous increase in your cannabis yields? Whether you’re a novice grower or a seasoned cultivator looking to up your game, we’ve compiled 20 potent strategies to maximize your cannabis harvest. Ready to turn your green thumb into a gold mine? Let’s dive in.

1. Journal Your Journey: Document Your Grow

Keeping a grow journal helps you learn from each grow, refining your methods for future harvests. Track your plants’ progress, note any issues and their solutions, and you’ll be on your way to maximizing your yields.

2. Stay Vigilant: Keep Pests Away

Maintaining a pest-free environment is essential to ensure your plants can grow to their full potential. Implementing preventative pest management practices can keep your plants healthy and ensure all their energy goes towards producing bountiful yields.

3. High-Stress Tactics: Risk for Reward

High-Stress Training (HST) techniques like topping and super cropping can significantly increase cannabis yields when performed correctly. These methods stress the plant in a way that encourages bushier growth with more bud sites.

4. Mycorrhizae Magic: Add Beneficial Fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, enhancing nutrient and water uptake. Adding mycorrhizae to your soil can supercharge your plants’ nutrient absorption capabilities, leading to healthier growth and higher yields.

5. Harvest Time: Don’t Rush

Harvesting your plants at the right time is crucial for maximum cannabis yields and potency. Early harvesting can result in smaller, less potent buds. Patience is key – watch your plants closely for signs they are ready to harvest.

6. Feed the Soil: Try Composting

Enriching your soil with organic compost can supply your plants with a smorgasbord of essential nutrients. Composting fosters beneficial microbial life, improving soil structure and fertility. The end result? More robust plant growth and potentially increased yields.

7. Proper Pot: Choose the Right Type

The type of pot you choose can significantly impact your plant’s health. Fabric pots, for example, offer excellent aeration and drainage, promoting healthier root systems and leading to sturdier plants with the potential for higher yields.

8. Side Lights: Illuminate Lower Branches

While top lighting is standard in most grow rooms, side lighting can provide valuable supplemental illumination. Lower branches often get less light, reducing their productivity. Side lighting can help to even out growth, promoting a balanced canopy and increased cannabis yields.

9. Bottoms Up: Try Underwatering

Underwatering — giving water less frequently but in greater amounts — can stimulate root growth. The longer dry periods encourage roots to stretch out in search of moisture, leading to stronger root systems and more resilient, productive plants.

10. Measure Up: Keep an Eye on PPM

Maintaining the right PPM (parts per million) is crucial to ensure your plants are getting the right amount of nutrients. Overfeeding can lead to nutrient burn, while underfeeding might result in deficiencies. Regularly check your nutrient solution’s PPM to keep it in the sweet spot.

11. pH Perfect: Monitor pH Levels

The pH level of your grow medium significantly affects nutrient uptake. If pH levels veer off the optimal range, your plants might suffer from a nutrient lockout, hampering their growth. Regular monitoring and adjustment of pH can ensure healthy growth and abundant yields.

12. Prune for Power: Try Defoliation

Defoliation, or strategic leaf removal, can improve light penetration to lower branches, increasing overall cannabis yields. By removing large fan leaves that block light, you allow more energy to be directed toward bud production. But tread carefully, overdoing it may stress your plants.

pruning cannabis

13. Soil-less Success: Try Hydroponics

Hydroponic systems, which grow plants without soil, can offer faster growth rates and larger yields than traditional soil methods. By delivering nutrients directly to the roots, your plants can focus more energy on growing above the surface, resulting in a bigger, better harvest.

14. The Sweet Effect: Use Molasses

Molasses is a natural supplement that can enhance soil health and boost beneficial microbial activity. These microorganisms can help break down nutrients, making them more accessible to your plants. This leads to healthier plants and can potentially increase cannabis yields.

15. More Room: Use Larger Containers

Bigger pots can lead to bigger plants. A larger container allows your cannabis plant’s roots to stretch out and grow robustly, leading to healthier, heftier plants. Experiment with pot sizes to give your plants the space they need to reach their yield potential.

16. Climate King: Control Your Growing Environment

Creating an ideal growing environment is key to successful cannabis cultivation. Optimal temperature, humidity, and ventilation encourage healthier growth and ward off pests and diseases. Equip your grow space with reliable climate control systems to ensure your plants flourish.

17. Nutritional Balance: Provide the Correct Amount of Nutrients

Providing the right balance of nutrients is crucial for robust plant growth. Too much or too little of any nutrient can cause problems like a nutrient burn or deficiency. Tailoring a nutrient schedule for your cannabis plants can help them reach their full yield potential.

18. Steer Your Green: Manipulate Your Plants’ Growth

Strategic plant manipulation techniques such as Low-Stress Training (LST) and High-Stress Training (HST) can influence how your plants grow. Directing your plants to grow horizontally can expose more nodes to light, encouraging extra bud production and potentially increasing yields.

LST cannabis

19. Enhance Photosynthesis: Supplement with CO2

Plants require carbon dioxide (CO2) for photosynthesis, the process that turns light into energy. In indoor settings, supplementing your grow room with CO2 can enhance this process, supporting healthier plant growth and amplifying bud production.

20. Brighten Up: Increase Light Intensity

Your cannabis plants thrive on light. Increasing light intensity in your grow space fuels photosynthesis, promoting faster, more vigorous growth. Implement high-quality LED or HPS lights to shower your plants with sufficient luminance, resulting in denser buds and higher yields.


Maximizing cannabis yields is both an art and a science, sharpened through practice and perseverance. These reordered strategies, paired with quality seeds from Hypno Seeds, empower you for a successful cultivation journey. Whether it’s tracking your growth progress or experimenting with light intensity, these methods can guide you toward a rewarding harvest. Begin today and enjoy the journey toward your high-yield harvest! We’re thrilled to see how you increase your cannabis yields. Happy growing!

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