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Amnesia Haze Auto

  • Sativa Icon: A design showcasing slender, elongated cannabis leaves, symbolizing the Sativa strain's distinct leaf characteristics75% Sativa
  • Day Icon: A stylized sun with rays, symbolizing daytime or activities best suited for daylight hoursEnergizing Daytime High
  • Tropical Icon: An icon depicting palm trees, representing a tropical theme or environmentIdeal for Tropical Climate
  • Sugary Icon: An icon featuring a small pile of sugar cubes, representing a sugary characteristic.Impressive Sugar-coated Colas
  • Icon depicting a series of increasing bars, symbolizing progression in 'All LevelsSuitable for all Experience Levels
  • Genetics Icon: An icon depicting a DNA double helix, symbolizing genetic information and heredity in plant breedingTimeless Amnesia Haze
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Amnesia Haze Seeds – Genetic Quality of Autoflower

Photo highlighting the dense buds and multicolored foliage of the Amnesia Haze sativa strain, illustrating its unique characteristics
Image of Amnesia Haze, a sativa strain, with dense buds surrounded by colorful leaves, showcasing its vibrant appearance
Amnesia Haze Auto' showcasing a stunning purple bud heavily coated with sparkling crystal trichomes
Amnesia Haze Auto' with a frosty, icy-looking bud dotted with vivid purple trichomes, showcasing its unique and striking appearance
Amnesia Haze Auto' flourishing outdoors in a lush tropical Thai environment, highlighting its robust sativa heritage
Amnesia Haze Auto' cannabis plant displaying vibrant red leaves and densely trichome-coated, snow-like buds

Amnesia Haze Autoflower from Hypno Seeds seed bank demonstrates their commitment to quality through its timeless and potent effects. This strain, crafted from premium seeds, offers an energizing daytime high that’s especially effective in tropical climates. This strain is renowned for yielding impressive, sugar-coated colas, showcasing the quality and care invested in its breeding.

Suitable for cultivators of all skill levels, Amnesia Haze Autoflower captures the classic essence of the Amnesia Haze strain. Its ability to energize and adapt to various climates makes it a versatile and reliable option for growers.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this strain ensures a rewarding cultivation experience. Its energizing effects, adaptability, and Hypno Seeds’ commitment to quality make Amnesia Haze Autoflower a prime choice for cultivators seeking excellence and versatility.

Connect with the Amnesia Haze Autoflower Growing Community

Become part of the Amnesia Haze Auto community at Hypno Seeds. Buying high-quality seeds here connects you with a world of dedicated growers. Share your cultivation journey, celebrate successes, and gain insights from fellow enthusiasts.

Hypno Seeds is proud of our Amnesia Haze autoflowering seeds. Each seed promises excellence and a chance for a great harvest. Connect with us and fellow growers on InstagramTwitter (@HypnoSeeds), and Facebook, and share your Amnesia Haze Autoflower experiences using #HypnoAmnesiaHaze.

Amnesia Haze Auto Info Strain

Begin cultivating Amnesia Haze Autoflower, a fast-growing cannabis strain from Hypno Seeds. With its Sativa-dominant genetics, it boasts up to 21% THC. This strain is ideal for indoor growing, offering rapid flowering within just 9 weeks. Its adaptability is evident in its medium height, making it suitable for various growing environments.

By choosing Amnesia Haze seeds, you gain the benefit of quick flower time and generous yields. This makes it a practical choice for both new and seasoned growers, ensuring an abundant and fulfilling cultivation experience.

THCUp to 21%
CBDUp to 0.40%
FlavorCinnamon, Flowery, Patchouli, Spicy, Sweet
Type25% Indica / 75% Sativa
Flowering9 weeks from germination
Indoor Yield1.3-2 oz/ft²
Outdoor Yield2.1-7.4 oz/plant
Height27-50 inch
HarvestEnd of September
EffectEnergetic, Happy, Physical, Sensual
GeneticsAmnesia Haze x Ruderalis

Aroma, Flavor, and Effects of Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Embark on a sensory exploration with Amnesia Haze Auto, a sativa strain perfect for growing indoors. It offers a sweet, spicy, and warm flavor, reminiscent of exotic spices. Each puff delivers a harmonious blend of happiness and energy, ideal for uplifting spirits and vitality.

This enchanting strain also has side effects, adding to its allure as a versatile choice for various occasions. Amnesia Haze Auto is ideal for both fun and health, giving a balanced high that stimulates and soothes. Try its spicy flavors and uplifting effects with Hypno Seeds’ Amnesia Haze, celebrated for its superior genetics.

Amnesia Haze Auto:
Flavor Wheel

Flavor Wheel


The Amnesia Haze Auto strain, once cultivated, unfolds an intoxicating aroma that captivates the senses. As the buds blossom, they release a symphony of sweet and floral notes, reminiscent of a serene, fragrant garden.



Amnesia Haze presents a distinctive mix of sweet and floral notes, enriched by a notable spicy accent. This surprising twist adds depth, perfectly balancing the overall taste profile.

This blend creates a harmony of tastes, leaving a lasting, pleasant aftertaste. Each encounter with the strain is memorable and enjoyable. Its complex flavor palette captivates the senses, ensuring a lasting impression with its well-rounded and pleasantly persistent finish.

Amnesia Haze Auto:
Effects Wheel

Effects Wheel


Seeking rejuvenation? Amnesia Haze Auto offers an invigorating energy boost, ideal for enhancing your mood and vigor. This strain is ideal for days when you need an extra boost of enthusiasm or for lively social events.

It provides a dynamic and spirited experience, enhancing your mood and filling you with a zestful energy. Amnesia Haze Auto’s stimulating effects are excellent for tasks needing focus and energy, keeping you active and enthusiastic.



Discover the charm of Amnesia Haze, a strain that boosts your mood and enriches your sensory experience. Its effects gently lift your mood, guiding you on a delightful adventure filled with joy and an enhanced sense of pleasure.

Indulging in Amnesia Haze brings a surge of joy and a heightened ability to enjoy life, enhancing each moment. Its talent for uplifting and engaging the senses promises a satisfying and memorable experience, ideal for those desiring happiness and a richer sensory experience.

Strain Radar Chart

Amnesia Haze Auto


  • Ice Eyes Auto
  • Juicy Pussy Auto
  • Pink Wasabi Auto
  • Rainbow Runtz Auto
  • Papaya Auto
  • Zkittlez Auto
  • Red Pistachio Auto
  • Spicy Pupusa Auto
  • Dr Hypno CBD Auto
  • Creme Brulee Auto
  • Crystal Ball Auto
  • Amnesia Haze Auto
  • None

Discover the exceptional traits of Amnesia Haze Autoflower using our Strain Chart Radar. Our infographic offers additional information on Amnesia Haze, an autoflowering strain. It highlights its high THC content and sativa genetics. This makes it easy to compare with other strains.

Our Strain Comparison Tool provides a detailed overview. This helps you make informed decisions for your cultivation needs. Explore these innovative features to understand why Amnesia Haze Autoflower is ideal for both novice and experienced growers.

Uncover the Beauty of Amnesia Haze Auto Strain

Amnesia Haze Auto, a popular strain, grows vigorously indoors. This Sativa-dominant strain is famous for its beauty and strength. Its vibrant green leaves grow up to 150cm, making it one of the taller autoflowers. It has large gaps between nodes, forming a bushy yet long shape typical of sativas.

During flowering, dense, resin-rich buds with yellow and orange pistils stand out. As it matures, the leaves may turn purple and blue, enhancing its stunning look. The mix of colors shows its health and genetics, making it a spectacle in any garden.

Strain Match-Up

Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Auto match up img
  • Sativa Icon: A design showcasing slender, elongated cannabis leaves, symbolizing the Sativa strain's distinct leaf characteristics75% Sativa
  • Day Icon: A stylized sun with rays, symbolizing daytime or activities best suited for daylight hoursEnergizing Daytime High
  • Tropical Icon: An icon depicting palm trees, representing a tropical theme or environmentIdeal for Tropical Climate
  • Sugary Icon: An icon featuring a small pile of sugar cubes, representing a sugary characteristic.Impressive Sugar-coated Colas
  • Icon depicting a series of increasing bars, symbolizing progression in 'All LevelsSuitable for all Experience Levels
  • Genetics Icon: An icon depicting a DNA double helix, symbolizing genetic information and heredity in plant breedingTimeless Amnesia Haze


Hypnotic, rainbow-colored rays emanate from the center of the background, drawing attention to the product label and enhancing the strain's presentation

Grow Tips for Amnesia Haze Seeds

Grow Tip #1: Optimal Feeding for Amnesia Haze

To maximize the benefits of Amnesia Haze Auto, keep in mind that this strain often requires substantial nutrients. Therefore, consistent feeding is key to maximizing growth and bud production. Explore our blog on optimal feeding techniques to maximize growth and yield.

Grow Tip #2: Enhancing Amnesia Haze with Defoliation Techniques

Enhance your Amnesia Haze Auto’s growth with strategic defoliation. By carefully removing certain leaves, you ensure deeper light reach and better air circulation, crucial for healthy development. This technique is particularly effective for dense plants like Amnesia Haze Auto, promoting even growth and potentially higher yields. Discover detailed defoliation methods here.


Amnesia Haze Strain Reviews

  1. JoePar

    To be honest, I prefer Amnesia Haze feminized, but all things considered, it wasn’t bad.

  2. Antonio dos santos

    Mad strain!! Got super big buds thanks

  3. ArnauZoom

    Thanks for the freebies and fast shipping!!!!!!

  4. Giuseppe

    Fantastico! Ha superato le mie aspettative. Complimenti, hypno seeds!

  5. TaylorDrugz

    I was genuinely impressed with the fast stealth delivery. Living in a region where discretion is key. Highly recommend.

  6. Kumar420

    Ordered these seeds for my indoor run. 100% germinated, the plants are thriving. Will order again.

  7. Pakta666

    Blown away ! The plant turned out one of my best ever and the sticker was a nice touch ! I recommend for outdoor

  8. EmmaPetra

    First time growing Amnesia Haze and am already in love. The flavor profile is just as promised, and the plants were super easy to manage. It was my second grow and I will definitely repeat it.

  9. Johny_four2

    Just harvested my first batch of Amnesia Haze.. incredible yield! The buds are dense and the aroma is just out of this world. Highly recommend to any grower looking for quality and quantity.

  10. Paquit0_haze

    Las semillas de amnesia haze autofloreciente son excelentes. Facil cultivo y buenos resultados, aunque la entrega tardó un poco mas de lo esperado. Pero valió la pena la espera

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Amnesia Haze Auto

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Amnesia Haze Auto

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